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H A DProtectedConstructorTest.java17 package android.test.suitebuilder.examples.constructor;
22 * A protected constructor test case that should not be loaded.
H A DPublicConstructorTest.java17 package android.test.suitebuilder.examples.constructor;
22 * A public constructor test case that should be loaded.
H A DNoPublicConstructorTest.java17 package android.test.suitebuilder.examples.constructor;
H A DAndroidTestRunner.java110 Constructor constructor, Object... args) {
112 TestCase testCase = (TestCase) constructor.newInstance(args);
120 runFailed("Illegal argument passed to constructor. Class: " + testClass.getName());
109 newSingleTestMethod(Class testClass, String testMethodName, Constructor constructor, Object... args) argument
H A Djni_util.h53 // Copy constructor.
164 // a default constructor for this to succeed.
167 jmethodID constructor = env->GetMethodID( local
171 jobject result = env->NewObject(cls, constructor, JNI_NULL);

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