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H A DUsbRequest.java32 * <p>Requests on endpoint zero are not supported by this class;
33 * use {@link UsbDeviceConnection#controlTransfer} for endpoint zero requests instead.
55 * Initializes the request so it can read or write data on the given endpoint.
56 * Whether the request allows reading or writing depends on the direction of the endpoint.
58 * @param endpoint the endpoint to be used for this request.
61 public boolean initialize(UsbDeviceConnection connection, UsbEndpoint endpoint) { argument
62 mEndpoint = endpoint;
63 return native_init(connection, endpoint.getAddress(), endpoint
H A DUsbDeviceConnection.java105 * Performs a control transaction on endpoint zero for this device.
129 * Performs a bulk transaction on the given endpoint.
130 * The direction of the transfer is determined by the direction of the endpoint
132 * @param endpoint the endpoint for this transaction
139 public int bulkTransfer(UsbEndpoint endpoint, byte[] buffer, int length, int timeout) { argument
140 return native_bulk_request(endpoint.getAddress(), buffer, length, timeout);
179 private native int native_bulk_request(int endpoint, byte[] buffer, int length, int timeout); argument
H A DLocalSocket.java94 * Connects this socket to an endpoint. May only be called on an instance
97 * @param endpoint endpoint address
101 public void connect(LocalSocketAddress endpoint) throws IOException { argument
108 impl.connect(endpoint, 0);
115 * Binds this socket to an endpoint name. May only be called on an instance
118 * @param bindpoint endpoint address
252 public void connect(LocalSocketAddress endpoint, int timeout) argument
H A DLocalSocketImpl.java242 * Binds this socket to an endpoint name. May only be called on an instance
245 * @param endpoint endpoint address
248 public void bind(LocalSocketAddress endpoint) throws IOException argument
254 bindLocal(fd, endpoint.getName(), endpoint.getNamespace().getId());
H A Dandroid_hardware_UsbDeviceConnection.cpp173 jint endpoint, jbyteArray buffer, jint length, jint timeout)
190 jint result = usb_device_bulk_transfer(device, endpoint, bufferBytes, length, timeout);
172 android_hardware_UsbDeviceConnection_bulk_request(JNIEnv *env, jobject thiz, jint endpoint, jbyteArray buffer, jint length, jint timeout) argument
H A Daccessorychat.c35 int endpoint = (int)arg; local
41 ret = usb_device_bulk_transfer(sDevice, endpoint, buffer, sizeof(buffer), 1000);
55 int endpoint = (int)arg; local
63 ret = usb_device_bulk_transfer(sDevice, endpoint, line, strlen(line), 1000);
H A DMediaPlayerInterface.h154 virtual status_t setRetransmitEndpoint(const struct sockaddr_in* endpoint) { argument
157 virtual status_t getRetransmitEndpoint(struct sockaddr_in* endpoint) { argument
H A Dcom_android_server_UsbHostManager.cpp89 struct usb_endpoint_descriptor *endpoint = (struct usb_endpoint_descriptor *)desc; local
92 endpointValues.add(endpoint->bEndpointAddress);
93 endpointValues.add(endpoint->bmAttributes);
94 endpointValues.add(__le16_to_cpu(endpoint->wMaxPacketSize));
95 endpointValues.add(endpoint->bInterval);
H A DIMediaPlayer.cpp296 status_t setRetransmitEndpoint(const struct sockaddr_in* endpoint) argument
302 if (NULL != endpoint) {
303 data.writeInt32(sizeof(*endpoint));
304 data.write(endpoint, sizeof(*endpoint));
325 status_t getRetransmitEndpoint(struct sockaddr_in* endpoint) argument
337, sizeof(*endpoint));
512 struct sockaddr_in endpoint; local
514 if (amt == sizeof(endpoint)) {
526 struct sockaddr_in endpoint; local
H A Dgenerate_java_rpc.cpp293 Variable* endpoint; member in class:RpcProxyClass
312 // endpoint
313 this->endpoint = new Variable(RPC_ENDPOINT_INFO_TYPE, "_endpoint");
314 this->elements.push_back(new Field(PRIVATE, this->endpoint));
329 Variable* endpoint = new Variable(RPC_ENDPOINT_INFO_TYPE, "endpoint"); local
335 ctor->parameters.push_back(endpoint);
339 ctor->statements->Add(new Assignment(this->endpoint, endpoint));
352 get->statements->Add(new ReturnStatement(this->endpoint));
H A DMediaPlayerService.cpp595 // Set the re-transmission endpoint if one was chosen.
1017 const struct sockaddr_in* endpoint) {
1019 if (NULL != endpoint) {
1020 uint32_t a = ntohl(endpoint->sin_addr.s_addr);
1021 uint16_t p = ntohs(endpoint->sin_port);
1030 // Right now, the only valid time to set a retransmit endpoint is before
1032 // retransmit endpoint is going to determine which player is selected during
1036 if (NULL != endpoint) {
1037 mRetransmitEndpoint = *endpoint;
1047 struct sockaddr_in* endpoint)
1016 setRetransmitEndpoint( const struct sockaddr_in* endpoint) argument
1046 getRetransmitEndpoint( struct sockaddr_in* endpoint) argument
H A DMediaPlayer.java1896 * Sets the target UDP re-transmit endpoint for the low level player.
1897 * Generally, the address portion of the endpoint is an IP multicast
1899 * retransmit endpoint has been set, the media player will not decode and
1902 * re-transmit to the target endpoint. Receiver devices (which may be
1914 * @param endpoint the address and UDP port of the re-transmission target or
1917 * @throws IllegalArgumentException if the retransmit endpoint is supplied,
1922 public void setRetransmitEndpoint(InetSocketAddress endpoint) argument
1928 if (null != endpoint) {
1929 addrString = endpoint.getAddress().getHostAddress();
1930 port = endpoint

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