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H A Dmv.c43 const char *fileName = strrchr(source, '/'); local
47 strcat(fullDest, fileName ? fileName + 1 : source);
H A Dprivate.h12 const unsigned char* fileName; member in struct:Zipentry
H A Dproperties.c93 static int connectToServer(const char* fileName) argument
107 strcpy(addr.sun_path, fileName); // max 108 bytes
114 // fileName, strerror(errno));
H A Devent_tag_map.c64 EventTagMap* android_openEventTagMap(const char* fileName) argument
74 fd = open(fileName, O_RDONLY);
77 OUT_TAG, fileName, strerror(errno));
84 fprintf(stderr, "%s: unable to seek map '%s'\n", OUT_TAG, fileName);
92 OUT_TAG, fileName, strerror(errno));
H A DVolumeManager.cpp678 int VolumeManager::unmountObb(const char *fileName, bool force) { argument
682 if (!asecHash(fileName, idHash, sizeof(idHash))) {
683 SLOGE("Hash of '%s' failed (%s)", fileName, strerror(errno));
689 return unmountLoopImage(fileName, idHash, fileName, mountPoint, force);
693 const char *fileName, const char *mountPoint, bool force) {
756 SLOGW("Failed to find loop device for {%s} (%s)", fileName, strerror(errno));
988 Volume* VolumeManager::getVolumeForFile(const char *fileName) { argument
993 if (!strncmp(fileName, mountPoint, strlen(mountPoint))) {
692 unmountLoopImage(const char *id, const char *idHash, const char *fileName, const char *mountPoint, bool force) argument

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