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H A DAudioStreamOutSink.cpp70 status_t AudioStreamOutSink::getNextWriteTimestamp(int64_t *timestamp) { function in class:android::AudioStreamOutSink
H A DMonoPipe.cpp61 " MonoPipe (res = %d). getNextWriteTimestamp calls will be"
72 "). getNextWriteTimestamp calls will be non-functional", N, D);
205 status_t MonoPipe::getNextWriteTimestamp(int64_t *timestamp) function in class:android::MonoPipe
291 // MonoPipe's getNextWriteTimestamp is now broken for good.
293 " duration in local time. getNextWriteTimestamp will fail from"
H A DNBAIO.h216 virtual status_t getNextWriteTimestamp(int64_t *ts) { return INVALID_OPERATION; } function in class:android::NBAIO_Sink

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