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H A DPipeReader.h58 int32_t mFront; // follows behind mPipe.mRear member in class:android::PipeReader
H A DMonoPipe.h93 // writer to update and observe the values of mFront and mNextRdPTS in an
112 // mFront and mRear will never be separated by more than mMaxFrames.
115 volatile int32_t mFront; // written by the reader with updateFrontAndNRPTS, observed by member in class:android::MonoPipe
H A Ditfstruct.h138 SLVec3D mFront; member in struct:__anon1631::__anon1634
163 SLVec3D mFront; member in struct:__anon1635::__anon1638
237 BufferHeader *mFront, *mRear; member in struct:BufferQueue_interface
674 AdvancedBufferHeader *mFront, *mRear; member in struct:__anon1681

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