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H A DELFObjectLoaderImpl.h34 ELFObject<32> *mObject; member in class:bcc::ELFObjectLoaderImpl
38 ELFObjectLoaderImpl() : ObjectLoaderImpl(), mObject(NULL), mSymTab(NULL) { }
H A Dandroid_media_MediaCrypto.h46 jweak mObject; member in struct:android::JCrypto
H A Dandroid_media_MediaExtractor.h67 jweak mObject; member in struct:android::JMediaExtractor
H A Dandroid_media_MediaCodec.h91 jweak mObject; member in struct:android::JMediaCodec
H A Dandroid_media_MediaRecorder.cpp70 jobject mObject; // Weak ref to MediaRecorder Java object to call on member in class:JNIMediaRecorderListener
88 mObject = env->NewGlobalRef(weak_thiz);
95 env->DeleteGlobalRef(mObject);
104 env->CallStaticVoidMethod(mClass, fields.post_event, mObject, msg, ext1, ext2, 0);
H A Dandroid_media_MediaPlayer.cpp74 jobject mObject; // Weak ref to MediaPlayer Java object to call on member in class:JNIMediaPlayerListener
92 mObject = env->NewGlobalRef(weak_thiz);
99 env->DeleteGlobalRef(mObject);
111 env->CallStaticVoidMethod(mClass, fields.post_event, mObject,
115 env->CallStaticVoidMethod(mClass, fields.post_event, mObject,
H A DObjectSource.java37 private Object mObject; field in class:ObjectSource
60 if (mObject == null) {
63 FrameFormat outputFormat = ObjectFormat.fromObject(mObject, FrameFormat.TARGET_SIMPLE);
65 mFrame.setObjectValue(mObject);
H A DRampAnimator.java28 private final T mObject; field in class:RampAnimator
43 mObject = object;
62 mProperty.setValue(mObject, target);
121 mProperty.setValue(mObject, mCurrentValue);
H A DSimpleFrame.java35 private Object mObject; field in class:SimpleFrame
55 mObject = new byte[count];
58 mObject = new short[count];
61 mObject = new int[count];
64 mObject = new float[count];
67 mObject = new double[count];
70 mObject = null;
86 return mObject;
97 return (mObject instanceof int[]) ? (int[])mObject
H A DBinder.java52 /* mObject is used by native code, do not remove or rename */
53 private int mObject; field in class:Binder
442 private int mObject; field in class:BinderProxy
H A DComprehensiveCountryDetector.java101 private final Object mObject = new Object(); field in class:ComprehensiveCountryDetector
195 synchronized (mObject) {
H A Dmonkey.c41 SLObjectItf mObject; member in struct:__anon1698
88 assert(NULL != p->mObject);
89 (*p->mObject)->Destroy(p->mObject);
90 p->mObject = NULL;
119 SLresult result = (*engineEngine)->CreateAudioPlayer(engineEngine, &p->mObject, &audioSrc,
128 assert(NULL != p->mObject);
130 SLresult result = (*p->mObject)->Realize(p->mObject, SL_BOOLEAN_FALSE);
133 result = (*p->mObject)
H A Dasset_manager.cpp63 jfieldID mObject; member in struct:assetmanager_offsets_t
79 gAssetManagerOffsets.mObject = env->GetFieldID(amClass, "mObject", "I");
84 return (AAssetManager*) env->GetIntField(assetManager, gAssetManagerOffsets.mObject);
H A Dclasses.h27 IObject mObject; member in struct:CAudioPlayer_struct
121 IObject mObject; member in struct:CAudioRecorder_struct
159 IObject mObject; member in struct:CEngine_struct
196 IObject mObject; member in struct:__anon1611
207 IObject mObject; member in struct:__anon1612
218 IObject mObject; member in struct:__anon1613
231 IObject mObject; member in struct:__anon1614
269 IObject mObject; member in struct:COutputMix_struct
297 IObject mObject; member in struct:__anon1615
308 IObject mObject; member in struct:CMediaPlayer_struct
H A Ditfstruct.h622 IObject mObject; member in struct:C3DGroup_struct
H A Dandroid_drm_DrmManagerClient.cpp145 jobject mObject; member in class:JNIOnInfoListener
157 mObject = env->NewGlobalRef(weak_thiz);
162 env->DeleteGlobalRef(mObject);
176 mObject, uniqueId, type, message);
H A DAssetManager.java71 private int mObject; field in class:AssetManager
H A Dandroid_util_AssetManager.cpp64 jfieldID mObject; member in struct:android::assetmanager_offsets_t
108 AssetManager* am = (AssetManager*)env->GetIntField(obj, gAssetManagerOffsets.mObject);
1575 env->SetIntField(clazz, gAssetManagerOffsets.mObject, (jint)am);
1581 (env->GetIntField(clazz, gAssetManagerOffsets.mObject));
1585 env->SetIntField(clazz, gAssetManagerOffsets.mObject, 0);
1760 gAssetManagerOffsets.mObject
1761 = env->GetFieldID(assetManager, "mObject", "I");
1762 LOG_FATAL_IF(gAssetManagerOffsets.mObject == NULL, "Unable to find AssetManager.mObject");
H A Dandroid_util_Binder.cpp71 jfieldID mObject; member in struct:bindernative_offsets_t
119 jfieldID mObject; member in struct:binderproxy_offsets_t
237 : mVM(jnienv_to_javavm(env)), mObject(env->NewGlobalRef(object))
251 return mObject;
260 env->DeleteGlobalRef(mObject);
268 ALOGV("onTransact() on %p calling object %p in env %p vm %p\n", this, mObject, env, mVM);
277 jboolean res = env->CallBooleanMethod(mObject, gBinderOffsets.mExecTransact,
330 jobject const mObject; member in class:JavaBBinder
390 : mVM(jnienv_to_javavm(env)), mObject(env->NewGlobalRef(object)),
405 if (mObject !
484 jobject mObject; member in class:JavaDeathRecipient
H A DWebViewCore.java825 Object mObject; field in class:WebViewCore.JSInterfaceData
1492 mBrowserFrame.addJavascriptInterface(jsData.mObject,

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