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H A Dublock.h28 int (*read)(char *buf, uint64_t length, uint64_t offset); member in struct:ublock_ops
35 * May call your read and write functions as the kernel scans partition
H A Decho_reference.h25 /* Buffer descriptor used by read() and write() methods, including the time stamp and delay. */
39 * when used for EchoReference::read():
50 int (*read)(struct echo_reference_itfe *echo_reference, struct echo_reference_buffer *buffer); member in struct:echo_reference_itfe
H A Dctest.c79 size_t read; local
80 while ((read = fread(buffer, sizeof(char), 512, suite->out)) > 0) {
81 // TODO: Make sure we actually wrote 'read' bytes.
82 fwrite(buffer, sizeof(char), read, stderr);
H A Dusb_linux_client.c46 int (*read)(usb_handle *h, void *data, int len); member in struct:usb_handle
205 D("about to read (fd=%d, len=%d)\n", h->fd, len);
237 h->read = usb_adb_read;
403 D("about to read (fd=%d, len=%d)\n", h->bulk_out, len);
447 h->read = usb_ffs_read;
482 return h->read(h, data, len);
H A Dusb_windows.c43 /// Handle to USB read pipe (endpoint)
209 // Open read pipe (endpoint)
304 unsigned long read = 0; local
315 &read,
318 D("usb_write got: %ld, expected: %d, errno: %d\n", read, xfer, saved_errno);
320 data += read;
321 len -= read;
H A Dsysdeps.h95 /* unlink returns EACCES when the file is read-only, so we first */
130 return read(fd, buf, len);
132 #undef read macro
133 #define read ___xxx_read macro
360 return read(fd, buf, len);
363 #undef read macro
364 #define read ___xxx_read macro
H A Dusb_windows.c55 /// Handle to USB read pipe (endpoint)
106 // Open read pipe (endpoint)
198 unsigned long read = 0; local
209 &read,
212 DBG("usb_read got: %ld, expected: %d, errno: %d\n", read, xfer, errno);
214 return read;
307 // read serial number (if there is one)
H A Dggl_context.h355 void (*read) (const surface_t* s, context_t* c, member in struct:android::surface_t
430 surface_t read; member in struct:android::framebuffer_t

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