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H A DAudioGroup.java27 * or off by calling {@link #setMode(int)} or {@link RtpStream#setMode(int)}.
58 * using {@link AudioManager#setMode(int)} and change it back when none of
132 public void setMode(int mode) { method in class:AudioGroup
H A DRtpStream.java132 public void setMode(int mode) { method in class:RtpStream
H A DBrightnessController.java111 setMode(automatic ? Settings.System.SCREEN_BRIGHTNESS_MODE_AUTOMATIC
133 private void setMode(int mode) { method in class:BrightnessController
H A DDialerFilter.java86 setMode(DIGITS_AND_LETTERS);
218 public void setMode(int newMode) { method in class:DialerFilter
357 setMode(DIGITS_ONLY);
H A DQuickContactBadge.java106 public void setMode(int size) { method in class:QuickContactBadge
H A DStackView.java367 mStackSlider.setMode(mode);
1022 void setMode(int mode) { method in class:StackView.StackSlider
H A DAudioSystem.cpp161 status_t AudioSystem::setMode(audio_mode_t mode) function in class:android::AudioSystem
166 return af->setMode(mode);
H A DIAudioFlinger.cpp302 virtual status_t setMode(audio_mode_t mode) function in class:android::BpAudioFlinger
837 reply->writeInt32( setMode(mode) );
H A DAudioGroup.cpp478 bool setMode(int mode);
623 bool AudioGroup::setMode(int mode) function in class:__anon1172::AudioGroup
993 if (!group->set(8000, 256) || !group->setMode(mode)) {
1031 void setMode(JNIEnv *env, jobject thiz, jint mode) function in namespace:__anon1172
1034 if (group && !group->setMode(mode)) {
1050 {"nativeSetMode", "(I)V", (void *)setMode},
H A DAudioManager.java1389 public void setMode(int mode) { method in class:AudioManager
1392 service.setMode(mode, mICallBack);
1394 Log.e(TAG, "Dead object in setMode", e);
1415 /* modes for setMode/getMode/setRoute/getRoute */
H A DAudioService.java348 // List of binder death handlers for setMode() client processes.
349 // The last process to have called setMode() is at the top of the list.
1418 Log.w(TAG, "setMode() client died");
1421 Log.w(TAG, "unregistered setMode() client died");
1437 public void setMode(int mode) { method in class:AudioService.SetModeDeathHandler
1450 /** @see AudioManager#setMode(int) */
1451 public void setMode(int mode, IBinder cb) { method in class:AudioService
1452 if (!checkAudioSettingsPermission("setMode()")) {
1514 Log.w(TAG, "setMode() could not link to "+cb+" binder death");
1517 // Last client to call setMode() i
H A DAudioFlinger.cpp641 status_t AudioFlinger::setMode(audio_mode_t mode) function in class:android::AudioFlinger
653 ALOGW("Illegal value: setMode(%d)", mode);
669 mPlaybackThreads.valueAt(i)->setMode(mode);
7823 effect->setMode(mAudioFlinger->getMode());
7902 effect->setMode(mAudioFlinger->getMode());
7960 void AudioFlinger::ThreadBase::setMode(audio_mode_t mode) function in class:android::AudioFlinger::ThreadBase
8761 status_t AudioFlinger::EffectModule::setMode(audio_mode_t mode) function in class:android::AudioFlinger::EffectModule
9468 mEffects[i]->setMode(mode);

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