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H A DResolverController.cpp32 ALOGD("setDefaultInterface iface = %s\n", iface);
42 ALOGD("setInterfaceDnsServers iface = %s\n", iface);
52 ALOGD("setInterfaceAddress iface = %s\n", iface);
62 ALOGD("flushDefaultDnsCache\n");
72 ALOGD("flushInterfaceDnsCache iface = %s\n", iface);
H A DTetherController.cpp57 ALOGD("Setting IP forward enable = %d", enable);
107 ALOGD("Starting tethering services");
167 ALOGD("Tethering services running");
180 ALOGD("Stopping tethering services");
187 ALOGD("Tethering services stopped");
199 ALOGD("TetherController::startReverseTethering, Starting reverse tethering");
239 ALOGD("Reverse Tethering running, pid:%d", pid);
252 ALOGD("Stopping tethering services");
257 ALOGD("Tethering services stopped");
275 ALOGD("setDnsForwarder
H A DMDnsSdListener.cpp52 if (DBG) ALOGD("MDnsSdListener::Hander starting up");
66 ALOGD("discover(%s, %s, %s, %d, %d)", iface, regType, domain, requestId,
77 if (VDBG) ALOGD("using ref %p", ref);
91 if (VDBG) ALOGD("discover successful");
112 ALOGD("Discover found new serviceName %s, regType %s and domain %s for %d",
118 ALOGD("Discover lost serviceName %s, regType %s and domain %s for %d",
145 if (VDBG) ALOGD("Stopping %s with ref %p", str, ref);
158 ALOGD("serviceRegister(%d, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %d, %d, <binary>)", requestId,
184 if (VDBG) ALOGD("serviceRegister successful");
204 if (VDBG) ALOGD("registe
H A DSoftapController.cpp87 ALOGD("Softap startap - Ok");
101 ALOGD("Stopping Softap service");
110 ALOGD("Softap service stopped");
255 ALOGD("Softap fwReload - Ok");
H A DDnsProxyListener.cpp74 ALOGD("GetAddrInfoHandler, now for %s / %s", mHost, mService);
112 ALOGD("argv[%i]=%s", i, argv[i]);
153 ALOGD("GetAddrInfoHandler for %s / %s",
177 ALOGD("argv[%i]=%s", i, argv[i]);
235 ALOGD("DnsProxyListener::GetHostByAddrHandler::run\n");
244 ALOGD("GetHostByAddrHandler::run gethostbyaddr errno: %s hp->h_name = %s, name_len = %d\n",
H A DPppController.cpp112 ALOGD("Stopping PPPD services on port %s", tty);
116 ALOGD("PPPD services on port %s stopped", tty);
H A Dmain.cpp146 ALOGD("Child process %d exited", pid);
H A DCommandListener.cpp448 ALOGD("Setting iface cfg");
478 ALOGD("Trying to bring up %s", argv[2]);
486 ALOGD("Trying to bring down %s", argv[2]);
515 ALOGD("Clearing all IP addresses on %s", argv[2]);
643 ALOGD("CommandListener::TetherCmd::run, call startReverseTethering, iface:%s", argv[2]);
646 ALOGD("CommandListener::TetherCmd::run, call stopReverseTethering");
H A Ddhcpclient.c73 ALOGD("%s", errmsg);
154 ALOGD("--- dhcp %s (%d) ---",
158 ALOGD("ip %s gw %s prefixLength %d", addr, gway, info->prefixLength);
159 if (info->dns1) ALOGD("dns1: %s", ipaddr(info->dns1));
160 if (info->dns2) ALOGD("dns2: %s", ipaddr(info->dns2));
161 ALOGD("server %s, lease %d seconds",
257 ALOGD("===== DHCP message:");
259 ALOGD("Invalid length %d, should be %d", len, DHCP_MSG_FIXED_SIZE);
271 ALOGD("op = %s (%d), htype = %d, hlen = %d, hops = %d",
273 ALOGD("xi
H A Dpacket.c34 #define ALOGD printf macro
182 ALOGD("Packet is too small (%d) to be a UDP datagram", nread);
186 ALOGD("Not a valid IP packet");
190 ALOGD("Packet was truncated (read %d, needed %d)", nread, ntohs(packet.ip.tot_len));
194 ALOGD("IP protocol (%d) is not UDP", packet.ip.protocol);
198 ALOGD("UDP dest port (%d) is not DHCP client", ntohs(packet.udp.dest));
H A Difc_utils.c49 #define ALOGD printf macro
684 ALOGD("failed to remove route for %s to %s: %s",
750 ALOGD("failed to add %s as default route for %s: %s",
771 ALOGD("failed to remove default route for %s: %s", ifname, strerror(errno));
H A Dloghack.h31 #define ALOGD(...) ALOG("D", __VA_ARGS__) macro
H A Dbuffer.c107 ALOGD("Buffer bytes written: %d", (int) bytesWritten);
108 ALOGD("Buffer size: %d", (int) buffer->size);
109 ALOGD("Buffer remaining: %d", (int) buffer->remaining);
H A Dselector.c99 ALOGD("Wakeup fd: %d", selector->wakeupPipe[0]);
172 ALOGD("Selecting fd %d for writing...", selectableFd->fd);
176 ALOGD("Selecting fd %d for reading...", selectableFd->fd);
205 ALOGD("Selected fd %d.", selectableFd->fd);
241 ALOGD("Entering select().");
247 ALOGD("Exiting select().");
H A Dmq.c266 ALOGD("Freeing outgoing packet.");
464 ALOGD("Bytes written.");
530 ALOGD("Writing header...");
533 ALOGD("Header written.");
562 ALOGD("Before select...");
571 ALOGD("Packets found. Setting onWritable().");
582 ALOGD("Expecting %d bytes.", header->size);
966 ALOGD("Reading...");
973 ALOGD("Heade
H A Dlog.h100 #ifndef ALOGD
101 #define ALOGD(...) ((void)ALOG(LOG_DEBUG, LOG_TAG, __VA_ARGS__)) macro
H A Dbrcm_patchram_plus.c133 #define printf ALOGD
H A Dusbhost.c23 #define D ALOGD
H A Dtrap.cpp100 ALOGD(" P0=(%.3f, %.3f) [%08x, %08x]\n"
838 ALOGD( "x=%08x (%.3f), "

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