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H A Dmp4enc_api.h31 typedef unsigned int Bool; typedef
235 Bool useACPred;
255 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVGetDefaultEncOption(VideoEncOptions *encOption, Int encUseCase);
262 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVInitVideoEncoder(VideoEncControls *encCtrl, VideoEncOptions *encOption);
276 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVGetVolHeader(VideoEncControls *encCtrl, UChar *volHeader, Int *size, Int layer);
285 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVGetH263ProfileLevelID(VideoEncControls *encCtrl, Int *profileID, Int *levelID);
294 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVGetMPEG4ProfileLevelID(VideoEncControls *encCtrl, Int *profile_level, Int nLayer);
302 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVGetMaxVideoFrameSize(VideoEncControls *encCtrl, Int *maxVideoFrameSize);
318 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVGetVBVSize(VideoEncControls *encCtrl, Int *VBVSize);
337 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVEncodeVideoFram
H A Dmp4dec_api.h29 typedef uint Bool; typedef
150 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVInitVideoDecoder(VideoDecControls *decCtrl, uint8 *volbuf[], int32 *volbuf_size, int nLayers, int width, int height, MP4DecodingMode mode);
151 Bool PVAllocVideoData(VideoDecControls *decCtrl, int width, int height, int nLayers);
152 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVCleanUpVideoDecoder(VideoDecControls *decCtrl);
153 Bool PVResetVideoDecoder(VideoDecControls *decCtrl);
155 Bool PVDecSetReference(VideoDecControls *decCtrl, uint8 *refYUV, uint32 timestamp);
156 Bool PVDecSetEnhReference(VideoDecControls *decCtrl, uint8 *refYUV, uint32 timestamp);
157 OSCL_IMPORT_REF Bool PVDecodeVideoFrame(VideoDecControls *decCtrl, uint8 *bitstream[], uint32 *timestamp, int32 *buffer_size, uint use_ext_timestamp[], uint8* currYUV);
158 Bool PVDecodeVopHeader(VideoDecControls *decCtrl, uint8 *buffer[], uint32 timestamp[], int32 buffer_size[], VopHeaderInfo *header_info, uint use_ext_timestamp[], uint8 *currYUV);
159 Bool PVDecodeVopBod
H A Dvisual_header.h26 typedef uint Bool; typedef
H A Dpv_amr_wb_type_defs.h135 #ifndef Bool
136 typedef Int Bool; typedef
H A Dgsm_amr_typedefs.h97 typedef int Bool; typedef
H A Dmp4lib_int.h188 Bool ResyncMarkerDisable; /* Disable Resync Marker */
189 Bool DataPartitioning; /* Base Layer Data Partitioning */
190 Bool ReversibleVLC; /* RVLC when Data Partitioning */
191 Bool ACDCPrediction; /* AC/DC Prediction */
208 Bool SceneChange_Det; /* scene change detection */
209 Bool FineFrameSkip_Enabled; /* src rate resolution frame skipping */
210 Bool VBR_Enabled; /* VBR rate control */
211 Bool NoFrameSkip_Enabled; /* do not allow frame skip */
212 Bool NoPreSkip_Enabled; /* do not allow pre-skip */
214 Bool H263_Enable
H A Dmp4def.h62 typedef unsigned int Bool; typedef
H A Dmp4enc_api.cpp134 Bool SetProfile_BufferSize(VideoEncData *video, float delay, Int bInitialized);
157 OSCL_EXPORT_REF Bool PVGetDefaultEncOption(VideoEncOptions *encOption, Int encUseCase)
186 OSCL_EXPORT_REF Bool PVInitVideoEncoder(VideoEncControls *encoderControl, VideoEncOptions *encOption)
189 Bool status = PV_TRUE;
1078 OSCL_EXPORT_REF Bool PVCleanUpVideoEncoder(VideoEncControls *encoderControl)
1282 OSCL_EXPORT_REF Bool PVGetVolHeader(VideoEncControls *encCtrl, UChar *volHeader, Int *size, Int layer)
1353 OSCL_EXPORT_REF Bool PVEncodeVideoFrame(VideoEncControls *encCtrl, VideoEncFrameIO *vid_in, VideoEncFrameIO *vid_out,
1356 Bool status = PV_TRUE;
1648 OSCL_EXPORT_REF Bool PVEncodeFrameSet(VideoEncControls *encCtrl, VideoEncFrameIO *vid_in, ULong *nextModTime, Int *nLayer)
1650 Bool statu
H A Dvlc_encode.cpp173 static Bool IntraDCSwitch_Decision(Int Mode, Int intra_dc_vlc_threshold, Int intraDCVlcQP);
1926 static Bool IntraDCSwitch_Decision(Int Mode, Int intra_dc_vlc_thr, Int intraDCVlcQP)
1928 Bool switched = FALSE;
2031 Bool bACPredEnable = video->encParams->ACDCPrediction;
H A Drate_control.cpp429 extern Bool SetProfile_BufferSize(VideoEncData *video, float delay, Int bInitialized);
H A Dbitstream.h145 Bool validStuffing_h263(BitstreamDecVideo *stream);
150 Bool validStuffing(BitstreamDecVideo *stream);
H A Dpvdec_api.cpp60 /* The return type is Bool instead of PV_STATUS because */
67 OSCL_EXPORT_REF Bool PVInitVideoDecoder(VideoDecControls *decCtrl, uint8 *volbuf[],
71 Bool status = PV_TRUE;
282 Bool PVAllocVideoData(VideoDecControls *decCtrl, int width, int height, int nLayers)
285 Bool status = PV_TRUE;
526 Bool PVResetVideoDecoder(VideoDecControls *decCtrl)
553 OSCL_EXPORT_REF Bool PVCleanUpVideoDecoder(VideoDecControls *decCtrl)
880 Bool PVExtractVolHeader(uint8 *video_buffer, uint8 *vol_header, int32 *vol_header_size)
1001 OSCL_EXPORT_REF Bool PVDecodeVideoFrame(VideoDecControls *decCtrl, uint8 *buffer[],
1029 Bool PVDecodeVopHeade
H A Ddatapart_decode.cpp150 Bool valid_stuffing;
312 Bool valid_stuffing;
526 Bool switched;
634 Bool switched;
H A Dmp4dec_lib.h275 PV_STATUS DecodeVOPHeader(VideoDecData *video, Vop *currVop, Bool use_ext_tiemstamp);
H A Dbitstream.cpp565 Bool validStuffing(BitstreamDecVideo *stream)
577 Bool validStuffing_h263(BitstreamDecVideo *stream)
H A Dcombined_decode.cpp361 Bool mb_coded;
H A Dvop.cpp802 PV_STATUS DecodeVOPHeader(VideoDecData *video, Vop *currVop, Bool use_ext_timestamp)
H A Dtypedefs.h30 * Bool boolean true, false
165 typedef int Bool; typedef
H A DSoftMPEG4.cpp370 Bool success = PVInitVideoDecoder(

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