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H A DFat.cpp69 SLOGI("Filesystem check completed OK");
183 SLOGI("Filesystem formatted OK");
H A DExt4.cpp82 SLOGI("Filesystem (ext4) formatted OK");
H A DVolume.cpp251 SLOGI("Formatting volume %s (%s)", getLabel(), devicePath);
396 SLOGI("%s being considered for volume %s\n", devicePath, getLabel());
434 SLOGI("Device %s, target %s mounted @ /mnt/secure/staging", devicePath, getMountpoint());
573 SLOGI("%s sucessfully unmounted", path);
638 SLOGI("%s unmounted sucessfully", getMountpoint());
647 SLOGI("Encrypted volume %s reverted successfully", getMountpoint());
H A Dmain.cpp46 SLOGI("Vold 2.1 (the revenge) firing up");
96 SLOGI("Vold exiting");
H A DDirectVolume.cpp246 SLOGI("Volume %s disk has changed", getLabel());
H A DVolumeManager.cpp436 SLOGI("Cannot chown/chmod new ASEC mount point %s", mountPoint);
442 SLOGI("Created raw secure container %s (no filesystem)", id);
707 SLOGI("Container %s unmounted OK", id);
1499 SLOGI("Unmounting ASEC %s (dependant on %s)", cd->id, v->getMountpoint());
H A Dcryptfs.c444 SLOGI("Took %d tries to load dmcrypt table.\n", i + 1);
1010 SLOGI("Making empty filesystem with command %s\n", cmdline);
1014 SLOGI("Making empty filesystem with command %s\n", cmdline);
H A Dlog.h243 #ifndef SLOGI
244 #define SLOGI(...) ((void)__android_log_buf_print(LOG_ID_SYSTEM, ANDROID_LOG_INFO, LOG_TAG, __VA_ARGS__)) macro

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