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H A DFrameworkCommand.cpp29 SLOGW("Command %s has no run handler!", getCommand());
H A DServiceManager.cpp47 SLOGW("Service '%s' is already running", name);
62 SLOGW("Timed out waiting for service '%s' to start", name);
76 SLOGW("Service '%s' is already stopped", name);
92 SLOGW("Timed out waiting for service '%s' to stop", name);
H A DFrameworkClient.cpp26 SLOGW("Unable to send msg '%s' (%s)", msg, strerror(errno));
H A DSocketClient.cpp136 SLOGW("Unable to send msg '%s'", msg);
177 SLOGW("0 length write :(");
180 SLOGW("write error (%s)", strerror(errno));
H A DFrameworkListener.cpp178 SLOGW("Handler '%s' error (%s)", c->getCommand(), strerror(errno));
H A DSocketListener.cpp253 SLOGW("Error sending broadcast (%s)", strerror(errno));
H A DResponseCode.cpp40 SLOGW("Returning OperationFailed - no handler for errno %d", errno);
H A DNetlinkHandler.cpp50 SLOGW("No subsystem found in netlink event");
H A DFat.cpp51 SLOGW("Skipping fs checks\n");
79 SLOGW("Filesystem modified - rechecking (pass %d)",
119 SLOGW("The SD card is world-writable because the"
H A DVolume.cpp136 SLOGW("Volume contains an autorun.inf! - removing");
178 SLOGW("Duplicate state (%d)\n", state);
221 SLOGW("Volume is idle but appears to be mounted - fixing");
328 SLOGW("Volume is idle but appears to be mounted - fixing");
403 SLOGW("%s does not contain a FAT filesystem\n", devicePath);
553 SLOGW("Failed to move %s -> %s (%s, retries %d, action %d)",
587 SLOGW("Failed to unmount %s (%s, retries %d, action %d)",
H A DDirectVolume.cpp139 SLOGW("Ignoring non add/remove/change event");
157 SLOGW("Kernel block uevent missing 'NPARTS'");
193 SLOGW("Kernel block uevent missing 'PARTN'");
251 SLOGW("Kernel block uevent missing 'NPARTS'");
H A DVolumeManager.cpp150 SLOGW("No volumes handled block event for '%s'", devpath);
625 SLOGW("Rename attempt when src mounted");
632 SLOGW("Rename attempt when dst mounted");
711 SLOGW("%s unmount attempt %d failed (%s)",
740 SLOGW("Failed to rmdir %s (%s)", mountPoint, strerror(errno));
756 SLOGW("Failed to find loop device for {%s} (%s)", fileName, strerror(errno));
769 SLOGW("mActiveContainers is inconsistent!");
1366 SLOGW("Attempt to unmount volume which isn't mounted (%d)\n",
H A DProcess.cpp214 SLOGW("Sending SIGHUP to process %d", pid);
H A Dcryptfs.c314 SLOGW("Warning: crypto footer minor version %d, expected 0, continuing...\n",
H A Dlog.h257 #ifndef SLOGW
258 #define SLOGW(...) ((void)__android_log_buf_print(LOG_ID_SYSTEM, ANDROID_LOG_WARN, LOG_TAG, __VA_ARGS__)) macro
H A Dsched_policy.c113 SLOGW("add_tid_to_cgroup failed to write '%s' (%s); policy=%d\n",

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