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H A DIAudioFlinger.h47 // or-able bits shared by createTrack and openRecord, but not all combinations make sense
58 virtual sp<IAudioTrack> createTrack(
H A DIAudioFlinger.cpp86 virtual sp<IAudioTrack> createTrack( function in class:android::BpAudioFlinger
120 ALOGE("createTrack error: %s", strerror(-lStatus));
733 sp<IAudioTrack> track = createTrack(pid,
H A DAudioTrack.cpp879 sp<IAudioTrack> track = audioFlinger->createTrack(getpid(),
H A DAudioFlinger.h89 virtual sp<IAudioTrack> createTrack(
H A DAudioFlinger.cpp168 // IAudioFlinger::createTrack() reports back to client the total size of shared memory area
441 sp<IAudioTrack> AudioFlinger::createTrack( function in class:android::AudioFlinger
464 ALOGE("createTrack() invalid stream type %d", streamType);
481 ALOGV("createTrack() sessionId: %d", (sessionId == NULL) ? -2 : *sessionId);
503 ALOGV("createTrack() lSessionId: %d", lSessionId);

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