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H A DAudioTrack.h485 status_t createTrack_l(audio_stream_type_t streamType,
H A DAudioTrack.cpp62 // FIXME merge with similar code in createTrack_l(), except we're missing
63 // some information here that is available in createTrack_l():
287 status_t status = createTrack_l(streamType,
749 status_t AudioTrack::createTrack_l( function in class:android::AudioTrack
784 ALOGV("createTrack_l() output %d afLatency %d", output, afLatency);
1341 // output parameters in getOutput_l() and createTrack_l()
1344 // if the new IAudioTrack is created, createTrack_l() will modify the
1347 result = createTrack_l(mStreamType,
H A DAudioFlinger.h1075 sp<Track> createTrack_l(
H A DAudioFlinger.cpp505 track = thread->createTrack_l(client, streamType, sampleRate, format,
1708 // PlaybackThread::createTrack_l() must be called with AudioFlinger::mLock held
1709 sp<AudioFlinger::PlaybackThread::Track> AudioFlinger::PlaybackThread::createTrack_l( function in class:android::AudioFlinger::PlaybackThread
1794 ALOGE("createTrack_l() Bad parameter: sampleRate %d format %d, channelMask 0x%08x \""
1828 ALOGE("createTrack_l() mismatched strategy; expected %u but found %u",
1851 ALOGV("createTrack_l() setting main buffer %p", chain->inBuffer());
6261 // FIXME use flags and tid similar to createTrack_l()

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