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H A Dandroid_media_MediaCodec.h72 status_t dequeueInputBuffer(size_t *index, int64_t timeoutUs);
H A Dandroid_media_MediaCodec.cpp165 status_t JMediaCodec::dequeueInputBuffer(size_t *index, int64_t timeoutUs) { function in class:android::JMediaCodec
166 return mCodec->dequeueInputBuffer(index, timeoutUs);
616 status_t err = codec->dequeueInputBuffer(&index, timeoutUs);
814 { "dequeueInputBuffer", "(J)I",
H A DMediaCodec.java37 * int inputBufferIndex = codec.dequeueInputBuffer(timeoutUs);
68 * input nor output buffers, subsequent calls to {@link #dequeueInputBuffer}
279 * previously returned in calls to {@link #dequeueInputBuffer} and
316 * in a call to {@link #dequeueInputBuffer}.
393 * in a call to {@link #dequeueInputBuffer}.
416 public native final int dequeueInputBuffer(long timeoutUs); method in class:MediaCodec
H A Dcodec.cpp165 err = state->mCodec->dequeueInputBuffer(&index, kTimeout);
202 state->mCodec->dequeueInputBuffer(&index, kTimeout);
H A DSimplePlayer.cpp354 err = state->mCodec->dequeueInputBuffer(&index, -1ll);
424 err = state->mCodec->dequeueInputBuffer(&index);
432 ALOGV("dequeueInputBuffer on track %d returned %d",
H A DMediaCodec.h91 status_t dequeueInputBuffer(size_t *index, int64_t timeoutUs = 0ll);
H A DConverter.cpp540 err = mEncoder->dequeueInputBuffer(&bufferIndex);
H A DMediaCodec.cpp234 status_t MediaCodec::dequeueInputBuffer(size_t *index, int64_t timeoutUs) { function in class:android::MediaCodec

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