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H A Dandroid_media_MediaCodec.h74 status_t dequeueOutputBuffer(
H A Dandroid_media_MediaCodec.cpp169 status_t JMediaCodec::dequeueOutputBuffer( function in class:android::JMediaCodec
175 if ((err = mCodec->dequeueOutputBuffer(
637 status_t err = codec->dequeueOutputBuffer(
817 { "dequeueOutputBuffer", "(Landroid/media/MediaCodec$BufferInfo;J)I",
H A DMediaCodec.java44 * int outputBufferIndex = codec.dequeueOutputBuffer(timeoutUs);
69 * and {@link #dequeueOutputBuffer} then transfer ownership from the codec
76 * to {@link #dequeueOutputBuffer}. After the output buffer has been processed
106 * {@link #dequeueOutputBuffer}.
280 * {@link #dequeueOutputBuffer} become invalid.
420 * to {@link #dequeueOutputBuffer}, indicates that the call timed out.
444 public native final int dequeueOutputBuffer( method in class:MediaCodec
452 * in a call to {@link #dequeueOutputBuffer}.
459 * Call this after dequeueOutputBuffer signals a format change by returning
476 * Call this after start() returns and whenever dequeueOutputBuffer
H A DMediaCodec.h93 status_t dequeueOutputBuffer(
H A DPlaybackSession.cpp83 sp<ABuffer> dequeueOutputBuffer();
286 sp<ABuffer> WifiDisplaySource::PlaybackSession::Track::dequeueOutputBuffer() { function in class:android::WifiDisplaySource::PlaybackSession::Track
946 sp<ABuffer> accessUnit = track->dequeueOutputBuffer();
H A DConverter.cpp557 err = mEncoder->dequeueOutputBuffer(
H A Dcodec.cpp249 status_t err = state->mCodec->dequeueOutputBuffer(
H A DSimplePlayer.cpp439 err = state->mCodec->dequeueOutputBuffer(
458 ALOGV("dequeueOutputBuffer on track %d returned %d",
H A DMediaCodec.cpp249 status_t MediaCodec::dequeueOutputBuffer( function in class:android::MediaCodec

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