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H A DARMAssemblerProxy.cpp52 int ARMAssemblerProxy::generate(const char* name) { function in class:android::ARMAssemblerProxy
53 return mTarget->generate(name);
H A DARMAssembler.h54 virtual int generate(const char* name);
H A DARMAssemblerProxy.h43 virtual int generate(const char* name);
H A DMIPSAssembler.h37 // implementation calls MIPSAssembler class to generate mips code
51 virtual int generate(const char* name);
255 int generate(const char* name);
259 // valid only after generate() has been called
H A DMIPSAssembler.cpp189 int ArmToMipsAssembler::generate(const char* name) function in class:android::ArmToMipsAssembler
191 return mMips->generate(name);
1388 int MIPSAssembler::generate(const char* name) function in class:android::MIPSAssembler
H A DARMAssembler.cpp167 int ARMAssembler::generate(const char* name) function in class:android::ARMAssembler
H A DARMAssemblerInterface.h104 // generate the code
106 virtual int generate(const char* name) = 0;
149 // valid only after generate() has been called
H A DGGLAssembler.cpp74 // XXX: in theory, pcForLabel is not valid before generate()
91 return generate(name);
H A Dengine.c131 /* generate image and return it as image->buffer.
135 * file partition we generate image for.
137 void (*generate)(struct image_data *image); member in struct:generator
373 generator->generate(&image);
375 fprintf(stderr,"Cannot generate image.\n");
H A DAndroid.mk206 # on dlclose(). We thus need to generate a C++ shared library
H A Dkeystore.cpp502 // we read the raw blob to just to get the salt to generate
526 // if salt was missing, generate one and write a new master key file with the salt.
1023 /* Here is the history. To improve the security, the parameters to generate the
1032 // generate master key, encrypt with password, write to file, initialize mMasterKey*.
1061 static ResponseCode generate(KeyStore* keyStore, int, uid_t uid, Value* keyName, Value*, function
1350 {generate, CommandCodes[GENERATE], STATE_NO_ERROR, P_INSERT, {KEY_SIZE, 0, 0}},

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