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H A DResolverController.cpp30 int ResolverController::setDefaultInterface(const char* iface) { argument
32 ALOGD("setDefaultInterface iface = %s\n", iface);
35 _resolv_set_default_iface(iface);
40 int ResolverController::setInterfaceDnsServers(const char* iface, char** servers, int numservers) { argument
42 ALOGD("setInterfaceDnsServers iface = %s\n", iface);
45 _resolv_set_nameservers_for_iface(iface, servers, numservers);
50 int ResolverController::setInterfaceAddress(const char* iface, struct in_addr* addr) { argument
52 ALOGD("setInterfaceAddress iface
70 flushInterfaceDnsCache(const char* iface) argument
H A DThrottleController.h22 static int setInterfaceThrottle(const char *iface, int rxKbps, int txKbps);
23 static int getInterfaceRxThrottle(const char *iface, int *rx);
24 static int getInterfaceTxThrottle(const char *iface, int *tx);
28 static void reset(const char *iface);
H A DResolverController.h28 int setDefaultInterface(const char* iface);
29 int setInterfaceDnsServers(const char* iface, char** servers, int numservers);
30 int setInterfaceAddress(const char* iface, struct in_addr* addr);
32 int flushInterfaceDnsCache(const char* iface);
H A DIdletimerController.h27 int addInterfaceIdletimer(const char *iface, uint32_t timeout,
29 int removeInterfaceIdletimer(const char *iface, uint32_t timeout,
40 int modifyInterfaceIdletimer(IptOp op, const char *iface, uint32_t timeout,
H A DSecondaryTableController.h38 int addRoute(SocketClient *cli, char *iface, char *dest, int prefixLen, char *gateway);
39 int removeRoute(SocketClient *cli, char *iface, char *dest, int prefixLen, char *gateway);
40 int findTableNumber(const char *iface);
42 int modifyLocalRoute(int tableIndex, const char *action, const char *iface, const char *addr);
45 int modifyRoute(SocketClient *cli, const char *action, char *iface, char *dest, int prefix,
H A DSecondaryTableController.cpp52 int SecondaryTableController::findTableNumber(const char *iface) { argument
56 if (strncmp(iface, mInterfaceTable[i], IFNAMSIZ + 1) == 0) {
63 int SecondaryTableController::addRoute(SocketClient *cli, char *iface, char *dest, int prefix, argument
65 int tableIndex = findTableNumber(iface);
74 strncpy(mInterfaceTable[tableIndex], iface, IFNAMSIZ);
79 return modifyRoute(cli, ADD, iface, dest, prefix, gateway, tableIndex);
82 int SecondaryTableController::modifyRoute(SocketClient *cli, const char *action, char *iface, argument
89 IP_PATH, action, dest, prefix, iface, tableIndex+BASE_TABLE_NUMBER);
92 IP_PATH, action, dest, prefix, gateway, iface, tableIndex+BASE_TABLE_NUMBER);
97 IP_PATH, action, dest, prefix, gateway, iface, tableInde
145 removeRoute(SocketClient *cli, char *iface, char *dest, int prefix, char *gateway) argument
175 modifyLocalRoute(int tableIndex, const char *action, const char *iface, const char *addr) argument
H A DIdletimerController.cpp55 * ndc idletimer add <iface> <timeout> <class label>
56 * ndc idletimer remove <iface> <timeout> <class label>
86 * Note that currently if the name of the iface is incorrect, iptables
173 int IdletimerController::modifyInterfaceIdletimer(IptOp op, const char *iface, argument
180 (op == IptOpAdd) ? 'A' : 'D', LOCAL_RAW_PREROUTING, iface, timeout, classLabel);
189 (op == IptOpAdd) ? 'A' : 'D', LOCAL_MANGLE_POSTROUTING, iface, timeout, classLabel);
196 int IdletimerController::addInterfaceIdletimer(const char *iface, argument
199 return modifyInterfaceIdletimer(IptOpAdd, iface, timeout, classLabel);
202 int IdletimerController::removeInterfaceIdletimer(const char *iface, argument
205 return modifyInterfaceIdletimer(IptOpDelete, iface, timeou
H A DNetlinkHandler.cpp57 const char *iface = evt->findParam("INTERFACE"); local
60 notifyInterfaceAdded(iface);
62 notifyInterfaceRemoved(iface);
67 notifyInterfaceLinkChanged(iface, true);
69 notifyInterfaceLinkChanged(iface, false);
74 const char *iface = evt->findParam("INTERFACE"); local
75 notifyQuotaLimitReached(alertName, iface);
130 void NetlinkHandler::notifyQuotaLimitReached(const char *name, const char *iface) { argument
132 snprintf(msg, sizeof(msg), "limit alert %s %s", name, iface);
H A DThrottleController.cpp60 int ThrottleController::setInterfaceThrottle(const char *iface, int rxKbps, int txKbps) { argument
66 strncpy(ifn, iface, sizeof(ifn)-1);
149 void ThrottleController::reset(const char *iface) { argument
152 sprintf(cmd, "qdisc del dev %s root", iface);
154 sprintf(cmd, "qdisc del dev %s ingress", iface);
160 int ThrottleController::getInterfaceRxThrottle(const char *iface, int *rx) { argument
165 int ThrottleController::getInterfaceTxThrottle(const char *iface, int *tx) { argument
H A DNatController.h43 bool checkInterface(const char *iface);
H A DBandwidthController.h55 int setInterfaceSharedQuota(const char *iface, int64_t bytes);
57 int removeInterfaceSharedQuota(const char *iface);
59 int setInterfaceQuota(const char *iface, int64_t bytes);
60 int getInterfaceQuota(const char *iface, int64_t *bytes);
61 int removeInterfaceQuota(const char *iface);
74 int setInterfaceAlert(const char *iface, int64_t bytes);
75 int removeInterfaceAlert(const char *iface);
H A DNetlinkHandler.h40 void notifyQuotaLimitReached(const char *name, const char *iface);
H A DSoftapController.h34 int setCommand(char *iface, const char *fname, unsigned buflen=0);
H A DTetherController.h46 int startReverseTethering(const char* iface);
H A DSoftapController.cpp132 char *ssid, *iface; local
143 iface = argv[2];
156 iface, ssid);
227 char *iface; local
239 iface = argv[2];
H A DFirewallController.cpp71 int FirewallController::setInterfaceRule(const char* iface, FirewallRule rule) { argument
80 res |= execIptables(V4V6, op, LOCAL_INPUT, "-i", iface, "-j", "RETURN", NULL);
81 res |= execIptables(V4V6, op, LOCAL_OUTPUT, "-o", iface, "-j", "RETURN", NULL);
H A DBandwidthController.cpp84 * . adding a new iface to this, E.g.:
106 * Should normally include costly_<iface>, but we rely on the way they are setup
426 * Flush the costly_<iface> is allowed to fail in case it didn't exist.
501 int BandwidthController::setInterfaceSharedQuota(const char *iface, int64_t maxBytes) { argument
516 if (StrncpyAndCheck(ifn, iface, sizeof(ifn))) {
569 int BandwidthController::removeInterfaceSharedQuota(const char *iface) { argument
576 if (StrncpyAndCheck(ifn, iface, sizeof(ifn))) {
587 ALOGE("No such iface %s to delete", ifn);
607 int BandwidthController::setInterfaceQuota(const char *iface, int64_t maxBytes) { argument
621 return removeInterfaceQuota(iface);
691 removeInterfaceQuota(const char *iface) argument
898 setInterfaceAlert(const char *iface, int64_t bytes) argument
918 removeInterfaceAlert(const char *iface) argument
H A DMDnsSdListener.h113 void discover(SocketClient *cli, const char *iface, const char *regType,
130 int ifaceNameToI(const char *iface);
H A DTetherController.cpp192 int TetherController::startReverseTethering(const char* iface) { argument
207 snprintf(dhcp_result_name, sizeof(dhcp_result_name) - 1, "dhcp.%s.result", iface);
227 args[argc++] = (char*)iface;
H A DCommandListener.h54 static int readInterfaceCounters(const char *iface, unsigned long *rx, unsigned long *tx);
H A DNatController.cpp90 bool NatController::checkInterface(const char *iface) { argument
91 if (strlen(iface) > IFNAMSIZ) return false;
H A DMDnsSdListener.cpp60 const char *iface,
66 ALOGD("discover(%s, %s, %s, %d, %d)", iface, regType, domain, requestId,
79 int interfaceInt = ifaceNameToI(iface);
376 int MDnsSdListener::Handler::ifaceNameToI(const char *iface) { argument
59 discover(SocketClient *cli, const char *iface, const char *regType, const char *domain, const int requestId, const int requestFlags) argument
H A DCommandListener.cpp345 // interface route add/remove iface default/secondary dest prefix gateway
443 // arglist: iface [addr prefixLength] flags
448 ALOGD("Setting iface cfg");
514 // arglist: iface
643 ALOGD("CommandListener::TetherCmd::run, call startReverseTethering, iface:%s", argv[2]);
882 if (!strcmp(argv[1], "setdefaultif")) { // "resolver setdefaultif <iface>"
890 } else if (!strcmp(argv[1], "setifdns")) { // "resolver setifdns <iface> <dns1> <dns2> ..."
916 } else if (!strcmp(argv[1], "flushif")) { // "resolver flushif <iface>"
938 int CommandListener::readInterfaceCounters(const char *iface, unsigned long *rx, unsigned long *tx) { argument
966 if (strcmp(name, iface)) {
1384 const char* iface = argv[2]; local
H A Dusb_osx.c56 static usb_handle* CheckInterface(IOUSBInterfaceInterface **iface,
124 IOUSBInterfaceInterface220 **iface = NULL; local
151 &iface);
154 if (result || !iface) {
163 kr = (*iface)->GetDevice(iface, &usbDevice);
258 usb_handle* handle = CheckInterface((IOUSBInterfaceInterface**)iface,
262 (*iface)->Release(iface);

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