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H A DNetworkUtils.java37 public native static int enableInterface(String interfaceName); argument
40 public native static int disableInterface(String interfaceName); argument
54 * @param interfaceName is the interface to reset
57 public native static int resetConnections(String interfaceName, int mask); argument
64 * @param interfaceName the name of the interface to configure
69 public native static boolean runDhcp(String interfaceName, DhcpInfoInternal ipInfo); argument
74 * @param interfaceName the name of the interface to configure
79 public native static boolean runDhcpRenew(String interfaceName, DhcpInfoInternal ipInfo); argument
83 * @param interfaceName the name of the interface for which the daemon
87 public native static boolean stopDhcp(String interfaceName); argument
95 releaseDhcpLease(String interfaceName) argument
H A DArpPeer.java56 public ArpPeer(String interfaceName, InetAddress myAddr, String mac, argument
58 mInterfaceName = interfaceName;
135 String interfaceName = linkProperties.getInterfaceName();
151 ArpPeer peer = new ArpPeer(interfaceName, inetAddress, myMacAddress, gateway);
H A DBrowserFrame.java596 String interfaceName =;
597 JSObject jsobject = mJavaScriptObjects.get(interfaceName);
600 jsobject.object, interfaceName, jsobject.requireAnnotation);
619 String interfaceName =;
620 Object object = javascriptInterfaces.get(interfaceName);
622 mJavaScriptObjects.put(interfaceName, new JSObject(object, false));
644 public void addJavascriptInterface(Object obj, String interfaceName, argument
647 removeJavascriptInterface(interfaceName);
648 mJavaScriptObjects.put(interfaceName, new JSObject(obj, requireAnnotation));
651 public void removeJavascriptInterface(String interfaceName) { argument
1268 nativeAddJavascriptInterface(int nativeFramePointer, Object obj, String interfaceName, boolean requireAnnotation) argument
H A DWebViewProvider.java218 public void addJavascriptInterface(Object obj, String interfaceName); argument
220 public void removeJavascriptInterface(String interfaceName); argument
H A DAccessibilityInjector.java812 private CallbackHandler(String interfaceName) { argument
813 mInterfaceName = interfaceName;
H A DWebViewClassic.java4146 public void removeJavascriptInterface(String interfaceName) { argument
4149 arg.mInterfaceName = interfaceName;
H A DNetworkManagementService.java609 public void addRoute(String interfaceName, RouteInfo route) { argument
611 modifyRoute(interfaceName, ADD, route, DEFAULT);
615 public void removeRoute(String interfaceName, RouteInfo route) { argument
617 modifyRoute(interfaceName, REMOVE, route, DEFAULT);
621 public void addSecondaryRoute(String interfaceName, RouteInfo route) { argument
623 modifyRoute(interfaceName, ADD, route, SECONDARY);
627 public void removeSecondaryRoute(String interfaceName, RouteInfo route) { argument
629 modifyRoute(interfaceName, REMOVE, route, SECONDARY);
632 private void modifyRoute(String interfaceName, String action, RouteInfo route, String type) { argument
633 final Command cmd = new Command("interface", "route", action, interfaceName, typ
686 getRoutes(String interfaceName) argument
H A DWebView.java236 public void addJavascriptInterface(Object obj, String interfaceName) { argument
H A DMtpDevice.cpp81 char* interfaceName = usb_device_get_string(device, interface->iInterface); local
82 if (!interfaceName) {
84 } else if (strcmp(interfaceName, "MTP")) {
85 free(interfaceName);
88 free(interfaceName);
H A DRegisteredServicesCache.java111 public RegisteredServicesCache(Context context, String interfaceName, String metaDataName, argument
114 mInterfaceName = interfaceName;
122 mPersistentServicesFile = new AtomicFile(new File(syncDir, interfaceName + ".xml"));
H A DParcel.java271 private static native void nativeWriteInterfaceToken(int nativePtr, String interfaceName); argument
272 private static native void nativeEnforceInterface(int nativePtr, String interfaceName); argument
443 public final void writeInterfaceToken(String interfaceName) { argument
444 nativeWriteInterfaceToken(mNativePtr, interfaceName);
447 public final void enforceInterface(String interfaceName) { argument
448 nativeEnforceInterface(mNativePtr, interfaceName);

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