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H A Dpagemap.h40 typedef struct pm_process pm_process_t; typedef in typeref:struct:pm_process
52 /* pm_process_t holds the state necessary to interface to a particular process'
68 pm_process_t *proc;
111 /* Get the PID of a pm_process_t. */
114 /* Create a pm_process_t and returns it through *proc_out.
116 int pm_process_create(pm_kernel_t *ker, pid_t pid, pm_process_t **proc_out);
119 int pm_process_usage(pm_process_t *proc, pm_memusage_t *usage_out);
123 int pm_process_workingset(pm_process_t *proc, pm_memusage_t *ws_out, int reset);
128 int pm_process_pagemap_range(pm_process_t *proc,
145 int pm_process_maps(pm_process_t *pro
H A Dpm_process.c28 static int read_maps(pm_process_t *proc);
32 int pm_process_create(pm_kernel_t *ker, pid_t pid, pm_process_t **proc_out) {
33 pm_process_t *proc;
72 int pm_process_usage(pm_process_t *proc, pm_memusage_t *usage_out) {
94 int pm_process_pagemap_range(pm_process_t *proc,
137 int pm_process_maps(pm_process_t *proc, pm_map_t ***maps_out, size_t *len) {
159 int pm_process_workingset(pm_process_t *proc,
201 int pm_process_destroy(pm_process_t *proc) {
223 static int read_maps(pm_process_t *proc) {
H A Dprocmem.c47 pm_process_t *proc;
H A Dprocrank.c119 pm_process_t *proc;
H A Dlibrank.c172 pm_process_t *proc;

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