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H A Dcol32cb16blend.S74 pop {r4-r10, pc} // return
H A Dcol32cb16blend_neon.S150 pop {r4-r11, pc} // return
H A DVectorImpl.h67 void pop();
169 void pop();
H A DVector.h119 //! pop the top of the stack (removes the last element). No-op if the stack's empty
120 inline void pop();
282 void Vector<TYPE>::pop() { function in class:android::Vector
283 VectorImpl::pop();
H A DVectorImpl.cpp146 void VectorImpl::pop() function in class:android::VectorImpl
H A Dt32cb16blend.S96 DBG .set pop
169 DBG .set pop
262 DBG .set pop

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