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H A DAudioMixer.h254 static status_t prepareTrackForDownmix(track_t* pTrack, int trackNum);
H A DAudioMixer.cpp67 // in-place so overwrite the buffer contents, has been set in prepareTrackForDownmix()
234 ALOGV("initTrackDownmix(track=%d, mask=0x%x) calls prepareTrackForDownmix()",
236 status = prepareTrackForDownmix(pTrack, trackNum);
257 status_t AudioMixer::prepareTrackForDownmix(track_t* pTrack, int trackName) function in class:android::AudioMixer
259 ALOGV("AudioMixer::prepareTrackForDownmix(%d) with mask 0x%x", trackName, pTrack->channelMask);
268 ALOGE("prepareTrackForDownmix(%d) fails: mixer doesn't support multichannel content",
276 ALOGE("prepareTrackForDownmix(%d) fails: error creating downmixer effect", trackName);

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