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H A Dext4fixup.c46 /* The two modes the recurse_dir() can be in */
621 static int recurse_dir(int fd, struct ext4_inode *inode, char *dirbuf, int dirsize, int mode) function
638 critical_error("recurse_dir() called witn unknown mode!\n");
737 recurse_dir(fd, &tmp_inode, tmp_dirbuf, tmp_dirsize, mode);
864 recurse_dir(fd, &root_inode, dirbuf, dirsize, SANITY_CHECK_PASS);
874 if (!recurse_dir(fd, &root_inode, dirbuf, dirsize, MARK_INODE_NUMS)) {
881 if (!recurse_dir(fd, &root_inode, dirbuf, dirsize, UPDATE_INODE_NUMS)) {

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