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H A DMDnsSdListener.cpp70 DNSServiceRef *ref = mMonitor->allocateServiceRef(requestId, context); local
71 if (ref == NULL) {
77 if (VDBG) ALOGD("using ref %p", ref);
81 DNSServiceErrorType result = DNSServiceBrowse(ref, nativeFlags, interfaceInt, regType,
139 DNSServiceRef *ref = mMonitor->lookupServiceRef(requestId); local
140 if (ref == NULL) {
145 if (VDBG) ALOGD("Stopping %s with ref %p", str, ref);
146 DNSServiceRefDeallocate(*ref);
162 DNSServiceRef *ref = mMonitor->allocateServiceRef(requestId, context); local
218 DNSServiceRef *ref = mMonitor->allocateServiceRef(requestId, context); local
273 DNSServiceRef *ref = mMonitor->allocateServiceRef(requestId, context); local
333 DNSServiceRef *ref = mMonitor->allocateServiceRef(requestId, context); local
H A DGGLAssembler.cpp702 int ref = scratches.obtain(); local
704 CONTEXT_LOAD(ref, state.alpha_test.ref);
705 if (shift) CMP(AL, fragment.reg, reg_imm(ref, LSR, shift));
706 else CMP(AL, fragment.reg, ref);
H A Dpixelflinger.h286 void (*alphaFuncx)(void* c, GGLenum func, GGLclampx ref);
H A Dpixelflinger.cpp549 static void ggl_alphaFuncx(void* con, GGLenum func, GGLclampx ref) argument
556 c->state.alpha_test.ref = gglFixedToIteratedColor(gglClampx(ref));
H A Dscanline.cpp841 GGLcolor ref = c->state.alpha_test.ref; local
846 case GGL_LESS: if (alpha<ref) break; goto discard;
847 case GGL_EQUAL: if (alpha==ref) break; goto discard;
848 case GGL_LEQUAL: if (alpha<=ref) break; goto discard;
849 case GGL_GREATER: if (alpha>ref) break; goto discard;
850 case GGL_NOTEQUAL: if (alpha!=ref) break; goto discard;
851 case GGL_GEQUAL: if (alpha>=ref) break; goto discard;
H A Dggl_context.h317 GGLcolor ref; member in struct:android::alpha_test_state_t

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