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H A DAndroid.mk4 LOCAL_SRC_FILES:= run-as.c package.c
6 LOCAL_MODULE:= run-as
H A DDnsProxyListener.h54 void run();
85 void run();
H A DDnsProxyListener.cpp58 handler->run();
72 void DnsProxyListener::GetAddrInfoHandler::run() { function in class:DnsProxyListener::GetAddrInfoHandler
227 handler->run();
233 void DnsProxyListener::GetHostByAddrHandler::run() { function in class:DnsProxyListener::GetHostByAddrHandler
235 ALOGD("DnsProxyListener::GetHostByAddrHandler::run\n");
244 ALOGD("GetHostByAddrHandler::run gethostbyaddr errno: %s hp->h_name = %s, name_len = %d\n",
H A DMDnsSdListener.h80 void run();
H A DMDnsSdListener.cpp505 monitor->run();
543 void MDnsSdListener::Monitor::run() { function in class:MDnsSdListener::Monitor
H A DSendBug.java47 new SendBug().run(args[0]);
49 new SendBug().run(args[0], args[1]);
53 private void run(String bugreportPath) { method in class:SendBug
54 run(bugreportPath, null);
57 private void run(String bugreportPath, String screenShotPath) { method in class:SendBug
H A Dtest-keystore44 function run() { function
53 run adb shell su $user keystore_cli "$@"
57 run adb shell ls -al /data/misc/keystore
78 log "root does not have permission to run test"
H A Dkeystore.cpp1332 ResponseCode (*run)(KeyStore* keyStore, int sock, uid_t uid, Value* param1, Value* param2, member in struct:action
1408 return action->run(keyStore, sock, uid, &params[0], &params[1], &params[2]);
H A Dcrashglue.S36 # don't trash the stack otherwise the signal handler won't run
H A DAndroid.mk25 # to run the dex pre-optimization *in* the emulator. So keep the file until
60 # to allow -user builds to properly run the dex pre-optimization pass in
H A Dcharger.c97 bool run; member in struct:animation
663 anim->run = true;
670 anim->run = false;
679 if (!batt_anim->run || now < charger->next_screen_transition)
H A Dsdcard.c47 * It must be run as root, but will drop to requested UID/GID as soon as it
48 * mounts a filesystem. It will refuse to run if requested UID/GID are zero.
1248 static int run(const char* source_path, const char* dest_path, uid_t uid, gid_t gid, function
1356 res = run(source_path, dest_path, uid, gid, num_threads);

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