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H A DSchedulingPolicyService.cpp26 static Mutex sMutex; member in namespace:android
33 sMutex.lock();
35 sMutex.unlock();
42 sMutex.lock();
44 sMutex.unlock();
H A DTrace.cpp29 Mutex Tracer::sMutex; member in class:android::Tracer
32 Mutex::Autolock lock(sMutex);
39 Mutex::Autolock lock(sMutex);
H A DThreadCpuUsage.h135 static pthread_mutex_t sMutex; // protects sScalingFds[] after initialization member in class:android::ThreadCpuUsage
H A Dandroid_mtp_MtpServer.cpp48 static Mutex sMutex; variable
85 Mutex::Autolock autoLock(sMutex);
99 Mutex::Autolock autoLock(sMutex);
111 Mutex::Autolock autoLock(sMutex);
123 Mutex::Autolock autoLock(sMutex);
155 Mutex::Autolock autoLock(sMutex);
H A DThreadCpuUsage.cpp168 pthread_mutex_t ThreadCpuUsage::sMutex = PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER; member in class:android::ThreadCpuUsage
215 pthread_mutex_lock(&sMutex);
229 pthread_mutex_unlock(&sMutex);
H A DDrmManagerClientImpl.cpp31 Mutex DrmManagerClientImpl::sMutex;
48 Mutex::Autolock lock(sMutex);
345 Mutex::Autolock lock(sMutex);
352 Mutex::Autolock lock(sMutex);
H A DTrace.h135 // time it is run, using sMutex for synchronization.
153 // init() while a lock on sMutex is held.
161 // atrace.tags.enableflags system property in init() while a lock on sMutex
170 // sMutex is used to protect the execution of init().
171 static Mutex sMutex; member in class:android::Tracer
H A DDrmManagerClientImpl.h435 static Mutex sMutex; member in class:android::DrmManagerClientImpl

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