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H A DBordeauxSessionStorage.java45 private static final String SESSION_TABLE = "sessions";
133 void getAllSessions(ConcurrentHashMap<String, BordeauxSessionManager.Session> sessions) { argument
139 sessions.put(key, session);
143 // remove all sessions that have the key that matches the given sql regular
H A DSSLSocketTest.java928 // but the sessions will still be in the persistent cache.
986 Map<String, byte[]> sessions = new HashMap<String, byte[]>(); field in class:SSLSocketTest.FakeClientSessionCache
990 return sessions.get(host);
997 sessions.put(host, sessionData);
1030 // but the sessions will still be in the persistent cache.
H A DAudioFlinger.cpp488 uint32_t sessions = t->hasAudioSession(*sessionId); local
489 if (sessions & PlaybackThread::EFFECT_SESSION) {
1081 ALOGV("%d died, releasing its sessions", pid);
2109 // but in this case nothing is done below as no audio sessions have effect yet so it doesn't
8032 // Effect chain for other sessions are inserted at beginning of effect
8034 // sessions is not important
8436 // - in other sessions:

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