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H A Dsparse.h23 struct sparse_file;
31 * Creates a new sparse_file cookie that can be used to associate data
38 struct sparse_file *sparse_file_new(unsigned int block_size, int64_t len);
48 void sparse_file_destroy(struct sparse_file *s);
68 int sparse_file_add_data(struct sparse_file *s,
86 int sparse_file_add_fill(struct sparse_file *s,
109 int sparse_file_add_file(struct sparse_file *s,
136 int sparse_file_add_fd(struct sparse_file *s,
157 int sparse_file_write(struct sparse_file *s, int fd, bool gz, bool sparse,
172 int64_t sparse_file_len(struct sparse_file *
H A Dsparse_file.h22 struct sparse_file { struct
H A Dsparse.c22 #include "sparse_file.h"
29 struct sparse_file *sparse_file_new(unsigned int block_size, int64_t len)
31 struct sparse_file *s = calloc(sizeof(struct sparse_file), 1);
48 void sparse_file_destroy(struct sparse_file *s)
54 int sparse_file_add_data(struct sparse_file *s,
60 int sparse_file_add_fill(struct sparse_file *s,
66 int sparse_file_add_file(struct sparse_file *s,
74 int sparse_file_add_fd(struct sparse_file *s,
80 unsigned int sparse_count_chunks(struct sparse_file *
H A Dsimg2simg.c48 struct sparse_file *s;
50 struct sparse_file **out_s;
79 out_s = calloc(sizeof(struct sparse_file *), files);
H A Dsparse_read.c33 #include "sparse_file.h"
98 static int process_raw_chunk(struct sparse_file *s, unsigned int chunk_size,
136 static int process_fill_chunk(struct sparse_file *s, unsigned int chunk_size,
177 static int process_skip_chunk(struct sparse_file *s, unsigned int chunk_size,
225 static int process_chunk(struct sparse_file *s, int fd, off64_t offset,
277 static int sparse_file_read_sparse(struct sparse_file *s, int fd, bool crc)
359 static int sparse_file_read_normal(struct sparse_file *s, int fd)
410 int sparse_file_read(struct sparse_file *s, int fd, bool sparse, bool crc)
423 struct sparse_file *sparse_file_import(int fd, bool verbose, bool crc)
428 struct sparse_file *
H A Dsimg2img.c44 struct sparse_file *s;
H A Dimg2simg.c52 struct sparse_file *s;
H A Dfastboot.h34 struct sparse_file;
40 int fb_download_data_sparse(usb_handle *usb, struct sparse_file *s);
50 void fb_queue_flash_sparse(const char *ptn, struct sparse_file *s, unsigned sz);
H A Dfastboot.c490 struct sparse_file **load_sparse_files(const char *fname, int max_size)
493 struct sparse_file *s;
495 struct sparse_file **out_s;
512 out_s = calloc(sizeof(struct sparse_file *), files + 1);
589 struct sparse_file **s = load_sparse_files(fname, limit);
H A Dprotocol.c291 int fb_download_data_sparse(usb_handle *usb, struct sparse_file *s)
H A Dengine.c418 void fb_queue_flash_sparse(const char *ptn, struct sparse_file *s, unsigned sz)
H A Dext2simg.c130 sparse_file_add_file(info.sparse_file, filename, 0,
155 sparse_file_add_file(info.sparse_file, filename,
169 sparse_file_add_file(info.sparse_file, filename,
234 info.sparse_file = sparse_file_new(info.block_size, info.len);
253 sparse_file_destroy(info.sparse_file);
H A Dindirect.c49 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, ptr, len, region_block);
126 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, ind_block_data, info.block_size,
156 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, dind_block_data, info.block_size,
205 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, ind_block_data, info.block_size,
237 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, dind_block_data, info.block_size,
269 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, tind_block_data, info.block_size,
449 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, dind_block_data, info.block_size,
455 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, ind_block_data,
H A Dmake_ext4fs.c298 if (info.sparse_file) {
299 sparse_file_destroy(info.sparse_file);
300 info.sparse_file = NULL;
400 info.sparse_file = sparse_file_new(info.block_size, info.len);
471 sparse_file_destroy(info.sparse_file);
472 info.sparse_file = NULL;
H A Dext4_utils.h123 struct sparse_file *sparse_file; member in struct:fs_info
H A Dextent.c46 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, ptr, len, region_block);
68 sparse_file_add_file(info.sparse_file, filename, offset, len,
128 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, data, info.block_size,
H A Dext4_utils.c86 sparse_file_write(info.sparse_file, fd, gz, sparse, crc);
229 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, aux_info.backup_sb[i],
232 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, aux_info.bg_desc,
258 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, buf, info.block_size, 0);
260 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file,, 1024, 1);
H A Dallocate.c158 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, bg->inode_table,
174 sparse_file_add_fill(info.sparse_file, 0,
292 sparse_file_add_data(info.sparse_file, bg->bitmaps, 2 * info.block_size,

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