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H A DIWifiManager.aidl46 void startScan(boolean forceActive);
H A DWifiManager.java730 public boolean startScan() { method in class:WifiManager
732 mService.startScan(false);
743 * This is a variant of startScan that forces an active scan, even if passive
751 mService.startScan(true);
H A DWifiStateMachine.java640 startScan(false);
750 public void startScan(boolean forceActive) { method in class:WifiStateMachine
2805 startScan(true);
H A DBluetoothStressTest.java113 mTestUtils.startScan(adapter);
H A DBluetoothTestUtils.java629 public void startScan(BluetoothAdapter adapter) { method in class:BluetoothTestUtils
633 fail("startScan() bluetooth not enabled");
647 writeOutput(String.format("startScan() completed in %d ms",
657 fail(String.format("startScan() timeout: isDiscovering=%b, flags=0x%x (expected 0x%x)",
H A DWifiService.java588 * see {@link}
590 public void startScan(boolean forceActive) { method in class:WifiService
592 mWifiStateMachine.startScan(forceActive);

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