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H A Dcp.c349 warnx("%s: %s", curr->fts_path,
354 warnx("%s: directory causes a cycle", curr->fts_path);
366 warnx("%s/%s: name too long (not copied)",
412 warnx("%s%s: name too long (not copied)",
430 warnx("%s and %s are identical (not copied).",
439 warnx("cannot overwrite directory %s with non-directory %s",
462 warnx("%s is a directory (not copied).",
514 warnx("directory %s encountered when not expected.",
H A Dbltin.h70 #define warnx sh_warnx macro
H A Ddu.c109 warnx("invalid argument to option d: %s",
207 warnx("%s: %s", p->fts_path, strerror(p->fts_errno));
H A Dnewfs_msdos.c387 warnx("warning, %s is not a regular file", fname);
390 warnx("warning, %s is not a character device", fname);
423 warnx("trim %d sectors from %d to adjust to a multiple of %d",
588 warnx("warning: sectors/FAT limits file system to %u clusters",
596 warnx("warning: FAT type limits file system to %u sectors",
744 warnx("Skipping mount checks");
875 warnx("Cannot get number of sectors per track, %s", strerror(errno));
879 warnx("Cannot get number of heads, %s", strerror(errno));
H A Ddd.c941 warnx("%s: short input record",;
H A Dutil.c151 warnx("warning: %s: recursive directory loop",

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