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H A DBufferQueue.cpp17 #define LOG_TAG "BufferQueue"
27 #include <gui/BufferQueue.h>
35 // Macros for including the BufferQueue name in log messages
67 BufferQueue::BufferQueue(bool allowSynchronousMode, function in class:android::BufferQueue
87 ST_LOGV("BufferQueue");
92 ST_LOGE("createGraphicBufferAlloc() failed in BufferQueue()");
99 BufferQueue::~BufferQueue() {
100 ST_LOGV("~BufferQueue");
H A DBufferQueue.h36 class BufferQueue : public BnSurfaceTexture { class in namespace:android
48 // ConsumerListener is the interface through which the BufferQueue notifies
51 // teh consumer to the BufferQueue, these calls from the BufferQueue to the
52 // consumer *MUST* be called only when the BufferQueue mutex is NOT locked.
65 // BufferQueue has released its references to one or more GraphicBuffers
67 // BufferQueue::getReleasedBuffers to retrieve the list of buffers
79 // BufferQueue object and the consumer object. The reason this can't be a weak
80 // reference in the BufferQueue class is because we're planning to expose the
81 // consumer side of a BufferQueue a

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