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H A Dusb_libusb.c50 int interface; member in struct:usb_handle
218 libusb_release_interface(h->devh, h->interface);
242 libusb_release_interface(h->devh, h->interface);
249 check_usb_interface(libusb_interface *interface, argument
255 if (interface->num_altsetting == 0) {
256 D("check_usb_interface(): No interface settings\n");
260 libusb_interface_descriptor *idesc = &interface->altsetting[0];
284 D("check_usb_interface(): Forced Android interface protocol v.1\n");
313 if (check_usb_interface(&config->interface[i], desc, uh) != -1) {
314 /* found some interface an
H A Dusb_linux.c158 struct usb_interface_descriptor* interface; local
208 // loop through all the descriptors and look for the ADB interface
214 interface = (struct usb_interface_descriptor *)bufptr;
218 D("interface descriptor has wrong size\n");
224 interface->bInterfaceClass, interface->bInterfaceSubClass,
225 interface->bInterfaceProtocol, interface->bNumEndpoints);
227 if (interface->bNumEndpoints == 2 &&
228 is_adb_interface(vid, pid, interface
560 register_device(const char *dev_name, const char *devpath, unsigned char ep_in, unsigned char ep_out, int interface, int serial_index, unsigned zero_mask) argument
H A Dusb_osx.c42 IOUSBInterfaceInterface **interface; member in struct:usb_handle
78 //* adb interface
88 //* Match based on vendor id, interface subclass and protocol
137 //* Create an intermediate interface plugin
144 DBG("ERR: Unable to create an interface plug-in (%08x)\n", kr);
148 //* This gets us the interface object
152 //* We only needed the plugin to get the interface, so discard it
155 DBG("ERR: Couldn't query the interface (%08x)\n", (int) result);
160 //* device; after getting a plugin, and querying the interface, of
165 DBG("ERR: Couldn't grab device from interface (
304 CheckInterface(IOUSBInterfaceInterface **interface, UInt16 vendor, UInt16 product) argument
H A Dusb_osx.c61 IOUSBInterfaceInterface190 **interface; member in struct:usb_handle
73 IOUSBInterfaceInterface190 **interface = NULL; local
99 ERR("Couldn't create a device interface iterator: (%08x)\n", kr);
120 // Now create the interface interface for the interface
124 (LPVOID) &interface);
129 if (result || !interface) {
130 ERR("Couldn't create interface interface
H A Dbuiltins.c168 static int __ifupdown(const char *interface, int up) argument
173 strlcpy(ifr.ifr_name, interface, IFNAMSIZ);
H A Ddhcp_utils.c37 /* interface length for dhcpcd daemon start (dhcpcd_<interface> as defined in init.rc file)
38 * or for filling up system properties dhcpcd.<interface>.ipaddress, dhcpcd.<interface>.dns1
44 * P2p interface names increase sequentially p2p-p2p0-1, p2p-p2p0-2.. after
47 * interface to be pre-defined in init.rc file.
51 void get_p2p_interface_replacement(const char *interface, char *p2p_interface) { argument
52 /* Use p2p for any interface starting with p2p. */
53 if (strncmp(interface, "p2p",3) == 0) {
56 strncpy(p2p_interface, interface, MAX_INTERFACE_LENGT
87 fill_ip_info(const char *interface, char *ipaddr, char *gateway, uint32_t *prefixLength, char *dns1, char *dns2, char *server, uint32_t *lease, char *vendorInfo) argument
176 dhcp_do_request(const char *interface, char *ipaddr, char *gateway, uint32_t *prefixLength, char *dns1, char *dns2, char *server, uint32_t *lease, char *vendorInfo) argument
256 dhcp_stop(const char *interface) argument
290 dhcp_release_lease(const char *interface) argument
326 dhcp_do_request_renew(const char *interface, char *ipaddr, char *gateway, uint32_t *prefixLength, char *dns1, char *dns2, char *server, uint32_t *lease, char *vendorInfo) argument
H A Dusbhost.c479 int usb_device_claim_interface(struct usb_device *device, unsigned int interface) argument
481 return ioctl(device->fd, USBDEVFS_CLAIMINTERFACE, &interface);
484 int usb_device_release_interface(struct usb_device *device, unsigned int interface) argument
486 return ioctl(device->fd, USBDEVFS_RELEASEINTERFACE, &interface);
490 unsigned int interface, int connect)
494 ctl.ifno = interface;
489 usb_device_connect_kernel_driver(struct usb_device *device, unsigned int interface, int connect) argument
H A DMDnsSdListener.cpp243 void MDnsSdListenerResolveCallback(DNSServiceRef sdRef, DNSServiceFlags flags, uint32_t interface, argument
299 uint32_t interface, DNSServiceErrorType errorCode, const char *hostname,
298 MDnsSdListenerGetAddrInfoCallback(DNSServiceRef sdRef, DNSServiceFlags flags, uint32_t interface, DNSServiceErrorType errorCode, const char *hostname, const struct sockaddr *const sa, uint32_t ttl, void *inContext) argument
H A DTetherController.cpp311 int TetherController::tetherInterface(const char *interface) { argument
312 mInterfaces->push_back(strdup(interface));
316 int TetherController::untetherInterface(const char *interface) { argument
320 if (!strcmp(interface, *it)) {

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