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H A DStack.java41 * @param object the object to push
43 public void push(T object) { method in class:Stack
H A DStateQueue.cpp91 template<typename T> bool StateQueue<T>::push(StateQueue<T>::block_t block) function in class:android::StateQueue
93 #define PUSH_BLOCK_ACK_NS 3000000L // 3 ms: time between checks for ack in push()
97 ALOG_ASSERT(!mInMutation, "push() called when in a mutation");
111 // wait for prior push to be acknowledged
154 // optionally wait for this push or a prior push to be acknowledged
H A Dtouchlag.cpp196 void push(int x, int y) { function in struct:Queue
277 queue.push(x, y);
H A DVectorImpl.cpp224 void VectorImpl::push() function in class:android::VectorImpl
226 push(0);
229 void VectorImpl::push(const void* item) function in class:android::VectorImpl
H A DJsonReader.java207 push(JsonScope.EMPTY_DOCUMENT);
571 private void push(JsonScope newTop) { method in class:JsonReader
695 push(JsonScope.EMPTY_OBJECT);
699 push(JsonScope.EMPTY_ARRAY);
H A Dandroid-commands.py284 # adb push
285 def push(self, source, destination): member in class:ADB
286 self._call_adb(*["push", source, destination])
484 self.adb.push(gdbserver_local_path, self.gdbserver_path)
486 print "Unable to push gdbserver to device. Try re-installing app."
H A DVector.h140 inline void push();
142 void push(const TYPE& item);
143 //! same as push() but returns the index the item was added at (or an error)
145 //! same as push() but returns the index the item was added at (or an error)
325 void Vector<TYPE>::push(const TYPE& item) { function in class:android::Vector
326 return VectorImpl::push(&item);
350 void Vector<TYPE>::push() { function in class:android::Vector
351 VectorImpl::push();
H A DPreferenceActivity.java1225 * @param push If true, the current fragment will be pushed onto the back stack. If false,
1228 public void startPreferenceFragment(Fragment fragment, boolean push) { argument
1231 if (push) {
H A Dgenerate_java_rpc.cpp80 str.insert(0, "push");
848 // == the push method in the service base class =========================
849 Method* push = new Method; local
850 push->modifiers = PUBLIC;
851 push->name = push_method_name(method->;
852 push->statements = new StatementBlock;
853 push->returnType = VOID_TYPE;
854 serviceBaseClass->elements.push_back(push);
858 push->statements->Add(new VariableDeclaration(_data, new NewExpression(RPC_DATA_TYPE)));
866 push
H A Dmatrix.cpp458 GLint matrix_stack_t::push() function in class:android::matrix_stack_t
986 GLint err = c->transforms.current->push();

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