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H A Dgpttool.c53 u32 reserved; member in struct:efi_header
H A Dpixelflinger.h200 void* reserved; member in struct:__anon318
H A Dggl_context.h282 uint8_t reserved; member in struct:android::blend_state_t
345 uint32_t reserved; member in struct:android::surface_t::__anon322::__anon323
H A Dwindow.h75 void* reserved[4]; member in struct:android_native_base_t
88 memset(common.reserved, 0, sizeof(common.reserved));
109 void* reserved[2]; member in struct:ANativeWindowBuffer
343 memset(common.reserved, 0, sizeof(common.reserved));
371 /* Some storage reserved for the OEM's driver. */
H A Dext4.h293 __u32 reserved; member in struct:move_extent
H A Dfat.h91 uint8_t reserved; member in struct:fat_dirent
H A Dcamera_metadata.c40 uint8_t reserved[3]; member in struct:camera_metadata_buffer_entry
54 * | reserved for future expansion |
88 uint8_t reserved[0]; member in struct:camera_metadata
237 memcpy(metadata->reserved, src->reserved, reserved_size);
H A Dkeystore.cpp259 * the second is the blob's type, and the third byte is reserved. Fields other
280 uint8_t reserved; member in struct:blob
374 mBlob.reserved = 0;

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