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H A Dlsof.c107 long int inode; local
116 while (fscanf(maps, "%*x-%*x %*s %zx %5s %ld %s\n", &offset, device, &inode,
119 if (inode == 0 || !strcmp(device, "00:00"))
124 "???", device, offset, inode, file);
H A Dallocate.c678 /* Returns an ext4_inode structure for an inode number */
679 struct ext4_inode *get_inode(u32 inode) argument
681 inode -= 1;
682 int bg = inode / info.inodes_per_group;
683 inode %= info.inodes_per_group;
686 return (struct ext4_inode *)(aux_info.bgs[bg].inode_table + inode *
694 u32 inode; local
700 inode = aux_info.bgs[bg].first_free_inode + i - 1;
701 aux_info.bgs[bg].inode_bitmap[inode / 8] |= 1 << (inode
717 u32 inode; local
735 add_directory(u32 inode) argument
H A Dallocate.h33 struct ext4_inode *get_inode(u32 inode);
42 void add_directory(u32 inode);
H A Dcontents.c56 struct ext4_dir_entry_2 *prev, u32 inode, const char *name,
75 dentry->inode = inode;
86 and stores the location of the structure in an inode. The new inode's
87 .. link is set to dir_inode_num. Stores the location of the inode number
88 of each directory entry into dentries[i].inode, to be filled in later
89 when the inode for the entry is allocated. Returns the inode number of the
94 struct ext4_inode *inode; local
55 add_dentry(u8 *data, u32 *offset, struct ext4_dir_entry_2 *prev, u32 inode, const char *name, u8 file_type) argument
175 struct ext4_inode *inode; local
203 struct ext4_inode *inode; local
238 struct ext4_inode *inode = get_inode(inode_num); local
262 struct ext4_inode *inode = get_inode(inode_num); local
H A Dcontents.h30 u32 *inode; member in struct:dentry
H A Dext4.h25 #define EXT4_ERROR_INODE(inode, fmt, a...) ext4_error_inode(__func__, (inode), (fmt), ## a);
63 struct inode *inode; member in struct:ext4_allocation_request
306 #define EXT4_INODE_SET_XTIME(xtime, inode, raw_inode) do { (raw_inode)->xtime = cpu_to_le32((inode)->xtime.tv_sec); if (EXT4_FITS_IN_INODE(raw_inode, EXT4_I(inode), xtime ## _extra)) (raw_inode)->xtime ## _extra = ext4_encode_extra_time(&(inode)->xtime); } while (0)
308 #define EXT4_INODE_GET_XTIME(xtime, inode, raw_inode) do { (inode)
535 __le32 inode; member in struct:ext4_dir_entry
542 __le32 inode; member in struct:ext4_dir_entry_2
H A Dext4_jbd2.h17 #define EXT4_JOURNAL(inode) (EXT4_SB((inode)->i_sb)->s_journal)
44 #define ext4_forget(handle, is_metadata, inode, bh, block_nr) __ext4_forget(__func__, (handle), (is_metadata), (inode), (bh), (block_nr))
46 #define ext4_handle_dirty_metadata(handle, inode, bh) __ext4_handle_dirty_metadata(__func__, (handle), (inode), (bh))
H A Dext4_utils.c301 struct ext4_inode *inode = get_inode(EXT4_RESIZE_INO); local
302 if (inode == NULL) {
303 error("failed to get resize inode");
320 inode_attach_resize(inode, reserve_inode_alloc);
322 inode->i_mode = S_IFREG | S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR;
323 inode->i_links_count = 1;
328 /* Allocate the blocks to hold a journal inode and connect them to the
329 reserved journal inode */
332 struct ext4_inode *inode = get_inode(EXT4_JOURNAL_INO); local
333 if (inode
H A Dext4fixup.c39 /* The inode block count for a file/directory is in units of 512 byte blocks,
258 static int read_inode(int fd, unsigned int inum, struct ext4_inode *inode) argument
271 critical_error_errno("failed to seek to inode %d\n", inum);
274 len=read(fd, inode, sizeof(*inode));
275 if (len != sizeof(*inode)) {
276 critical_error_errno("failed to read inode %d\n", inum);
346 * new_inodes_per_group, retrieve the inode bitmap, and make sure
362 printf("Warning: updated inode bitmap for block group %d\n", bg_num);
399 critical_error("Failed sanity check on new inode coun
453 get_direct_blocks(struct ext4_inode *inode, unsigned long long *block_list, unsigned int *count) argument
475 get_indirect_blocks(int fd, struct ext4_inode *inode, unsigned long long *block_list, unsigned int *count) argument
502 get_block_list_indirect(int fd, struct ext4_inode *inode, unsigned long long *block_list) argument
572 get_block_list_extents(int fd, struct ext4_inode *inode, unsigned long long *block_list) argument
595 struct ext4_inode inode; local
621 recurse_dir(int fd, struct ext4_inode *inode, char *dirbuf, int dirsize, int mode) argument
H A Dextent.c76 struct ext4_inode *inode, u64 len)
100 (struct ext4_extent_header *)&inode->i_block[0];
107 extent = (struct ext4_extent *)&inode->i_block[3];
110 (struct ext4_extent_header *)&inode->i_block[0];
118 (struct ext4_extent_idx *)&inode->i_block[3];
167 inode->i_flags |= EXT4_EXTENTS_FL;
168 inode->i_size_lo = len;
169 inode->i_size_high = len >> 32;
170 inode->i_blocks_lo = blocks;
171 inode
75 do_inode_allocate_extents( struct ext4_inode *inode, u64 len) argument
181 inode_allocate_data_extents(struct ext4_inode *inode, u64 len, u64 backing_len) argument
206 inode_allocate_file_extents(struct ext4_inode *inode, u64 len, const char *filename) argument
223 inode_allocate_extents(struct ext4_inode *inode, u64 len) argument
H A Dextent.h23 void inode_allocate_extents(struct ext4_inode *inode, u64 len);
24 void inode_allocate_file_extents(struct ext4_inode *inode, u64 len,
26 u8 *inode_allocate_data_extents(struct ext4_inode *inode, u64 len,
H A Dindirect.c166 /* Given an allocation, attach as many blocks as possible to direct inode
168 static int inode_attach_direct_blocks(struct ext4_inode *inode, argument
175 inode->i_block[i] = get_block(alloc, i);
191 static int inode_attach_indirect_blocks(struct ext4_inode *inode, argument
197 inode->i_block[EXT4_IND_BLOCK] = ind_block;
223 static int inode_attach_dindirect_blocks(struct ext4_inode *inode, argument
229 inode->i_block[EXT4_DIND_BLOCK] = dind_block;
255 static int inode_attach_tindirect_blocks(struct ext4_inode *inode, argument
261 inode->i_block[EXT4_TIND_BLOCK] = tind_block;
348 static int do_inode_attach_indirect(struct ext4_inode *inode, argument
389 do_inode_allocate_indirect( struct ext4_inode *inode, u32 block_len) argument
405 inode_allocate_indirect(struct ext4_inode *inode, unsigned long len) argument
430 inode_attach_resize(struct ext4_inode *inode, struct block_allocation *alloc) argument
490 inode_allocate_data_indirect(struct ext4_inode *inode, unsigned long len, unsigned long backing_len) argument
H A Dindirect.h22 void inode_allocate_indirect(struct ext4_inode *inode, unsigned long len);
23 u8 *inode_allocate_data_indirect(struct ext4_inode *inode, unsigned long len,
25 void inode_attach_resize(struct ext4_inode *inode,
H A Dmake_ext4fs.c67 Allocating blocks in the same block group as the file inode
79 u32 inode; local
90 inode = make_directory(root_inode, 0, NULL, 0);
91 *dentries.inode = inode;
92 inode_set_permissions(inode, dentries.mode,
111 u32 inode; local
198 inode = make_directory(dir_inode, entries, dentries, dirs);
205 dentries[i].path, inode, fs_config_func, sehnd);
212 *dentries[i].inode

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