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H A Ddhcp.h29 uint32_t *prefixLength,
H A Difc.h48 extern int ifc_set_prefixLength(const char *name, int prefixLength);
65 extern int ifc_get_info(const char *name, in_addr_t *addr, int *prefixLength,
69 uint32_t prefixLength, in_addr_t gateway,
H A Ddhcp_utils.c90 uint32_t *prefixLength,
139 *prefixLength = p;
179 uint32_t *prefixLength,
235 if (fill_ip_info(interface, ipaddr, gateway, prefixLength,
329 uint32_t *prefixLength,
370 fill_ip_info(interface, ipaddr, gateway, prefixLength,
87 fill_ip_info(const char *interface, char *ipaddr, char *gateway, uint32_t *prefixLength, char *dns1, char *dns2, char *server, uint32_t *lease, char *vendorInfo) argument
176 dhcp_do_request(const char *interface, char *ipaddr, char *gateway, uint32_t *prefixLength, char *dns1, char *dns2, char *server, uint32_t *lease, char *vendorInfo) argument
326 dhcp_do_request_renew(const char *interface, char *ipaddr, char *gateway, uint32_t *prefixLength, char *dns1, char *dns2, char *server, uint32_t *lease, char *vendorInfo) argument
H A Ddhcpclient.c105 uint32_t prefixLength; member in struct:dhcp_info
116 void get_dhcp_info(uint32_t *ipaddr, uint32_t *gateway, uint32_t *prefixLength, argument
122 *prefixLength = last_good_info.prefixLength;
132 return ifc_configure(ifname, info->ipaddr, info->prefixLength, info->gateway,
158 ALOGD("ip %s gw %s prefixLength %d", addr, gway, info->prefixLength);
203 info->prefixLength = ipv4NetmaskToPrefixLength(mask);
H A Difc_utils.c78 int prefixLength = 0; local
81 prefixLength++;
84 return prefixLength;
441 int ifc_set_prefixLength(const char *name, int prefixLength) argument
445 if (prefixLength > 32 || prefixLength < 0) return -1;
447 in_addr_t mask = prefixLengthToIpv4Netmask(prefixLength);
471 int ifc_get_info(const char *name, in_addr_t *addr, int *prefixLength, unsigned *flags) argument
484 if (prefixLength != NULL) {
486 *prefixLength
778 ifc_configure(const char *ifname, in_addr_t address, uint32_t prefixLength, in_addr_t gateway, in_addr_t dns1, in_addr_t dns2) argument
H A Dnetcfg.c55 int prefixLength; local
57 if(ifc_get_info(name, &addr, &prefixLength, &flags)) {
63 printf("/%-4d", prefixLength);
H A DCommandListener.cpp398 int prefixLength; local
405 if (ifc_get_info(argv[2], &addr.s_addr, &prefixLength, &flags)) {
432 addr_s, prefixLength, flag_s);
443 // arglist: iface [addr prefixLength] flags
468 cli->sendMsg(ResponseCode::OperationFailed, "Failed to set prefixLength", true);

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