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H A DMediaCodec.java41 * codec.queueInputBuffer(inputBufferIndex, ...);
74 * and submit it it to the codec via a call to {@link #queueInputBuffer}.<p>
94 * in a call to {@link #queueInputBuffer}.
103 * {@link #queueInputBuffer}. The codec will continue to return output buffers
325 public native final void queueInputBuffer( method in class:MediaCodec
390 * Similar to {@link #queueInputBuffer} but submits a buffer that is
H A Dandroid_media_MediaCodec.cpp141 status_t JMediaCodec::queueInputBuffer( function in class:android::JMediaCodec
145 return mCodec->queueInputBuffer(
459 status_t err = codec->queueInputBuffer(
808 { "queueInputBuffer", "(IIIJI)V",
H A Dandroid_media_MediaCodec.h55 status_t queueInputBuffer(
H A DConverter.cpp523 status_t err = mEncoder->queueInputBuffer(
H A DSimplePlayer.cpp363 err = state->mCodec->queueInputBuffer(
493 err = state->mCodec->queueInputBuffer(
H A Dcodec.cpp181 err = state->mCodec->queueInputBuffer(
207 err = state->mCodec->queueInputBuffer(
H A DMediaCodec.h71 status_t queueInputBuffer(
H A DMediaCodec.cpp178 status_t MediaCodec::queueInputBuffer( function in class:android::MediaCodec
1320 // We allow the simpler queueInputBuffer API to be used even in

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