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H A Dsymbol_table.h39 * Loads a symbol table from a given file.
45 * Frees a symbol table.
47 void free_symbol_table(symbol_table_t* table);
50 * Finds a symbol associated with an address in the symbol table.
53 const symbol_t* find_symbol(const symbol_table_t* table, uintptr_t addr);
H A Dsymbol_table.c57 symbol_table_t* table = NULL; local
58 ALOGV("Loading symbol table from '%s'.", filename);
98 table = malloc(sizeof(symbol_table_t));
99 if(!table) {
102 table->num_symbols = 0;
126 // Iterate through the dynamic symbol table, and count how many symbols
137 // Iterate through the symbol table, and count how many symbols
149 // Now, create an entry in our symbol table structure for each symbol...
150 table->num_symbols += symbol_count + dynsymbol_count;
151 table
205 free_symbol_table(symbol_table_t* table) argument
215 find_symbol(const symbol_table_t* table, uintptr_t addr) argument
H A Dschedtop.c49 static void grow_table(struct thread_table *table) argument
51 size_t size = table->allocated;
58 new_table = realloc(table->data, size * sizeof(*table->data));
63 table->data = new_table;
64 table->allocated = size;
67 static struct thread_info *get_item(struct thread_table *table) argument
69 if (table->active >= table->allocated)
70 grow_table(table);
74 commit_item(struct thread_table *table) argument
H A DCommandListener.cpp106 static void createChildChains(IptablesTarget target, const char* table, const char* parentChain, argument
118 execIptablesSilently(target, "-t", table, "-D", parentChain, "-j", *childChain, NULL);
119 execIptablesSilently(target, "-t", table, "-F", *childChain, NULL);
120 execIptablesSilently(target, "-t", table, "-X", *childChain, NULL);
121 execIptables(target, "-t", table, "-N", *childChain, NULL);
122 execIptables(target, "-t", table, "-A", parentChain, "-j", *childChain, NULL);
360 "Failed to add route to default table", true);
363 "Route added to default table", false);
377 "Failed to remove route from default table", true);
380 "Route removed from default table", fals

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