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H A Dexidx_static.c41 _Unwind_Ptr __gnu_Unwind_Find_exidx(_Unwind_Ptr pc __attribute__((unused)), argument
H A Dcdefs.h156 * GCC2 uses a new, peculiar __attribute__((attrs)) style. All of
161 #define __attribute__(x) /* delete __attribute__ if non-gcc or gcc1 */ macro
175 #define __unused __attribute__((__unused__))
180 #define __pure2 __attribute__((__const__)) /* Android-added: used by FreeBSD libm */
183 #define __used __attribute__((__used__))
189 #define __packed __attribute__((__packed__))
190 #define __aligned(x) __attribute__((__aligned__(x)))
191 #define __section(x) __attribute__((__section__(x)))
214 #define __nonnull(args) __attribute__((__nonnull_
H A Dgetnameinfo.c137 int flags __attribute__((unused)))
135 getnameinfo_local(const struct sockaddr *sa, socklen_t salen, char *host, socklen_t hostlen, char *serv, socklen_t servlen, int flags __attribute__((unused))) argument

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