History log of /bionic/libc/arch-mips/mips.mk
Revision Date Author Comments
642182341018b282148280a7bdb771493e15bd7d 26-Aug-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Fix pthread_getattr_np for the main thread.

On most architectures the kernel subtracts a random offset to the stack
pointer in create_elf_tables by calling arch_align_stack before writing
the auxval table and so on. On all but x86 this doesn't cause a problem
because the random offset is less than a page, but on x86 it's up to two
pages. This means that our old technique of rounding the stack pointer
doesn't work. (Our old implementation of that technique was wrong too.)

It's also incorrect to assume that the main thread's stack base and size
are constant. Likewise to assume that the main thread has a guard page.
The main thread is not like other threads.

This patch switches to reading /proc/self/maps (and checking RLIMIT_STACK)
whenever we're asked.

Bug: 17111575
Signed-off-by: Fengwei Yin <fengwei.yin@intel.com>

(cherry picked from commit 57b7a6110e7e8b446fc23cce4765ff625ee0a105)

Change-Id: I87e679ee1c0db8092f2d1221c8e7c1461545c5a4
5386a741e77bfff4e72ca6861fdd3fe2208452ce 05-Aug-2014 Dan Albert <danalbert@google.com> Revert "Replaces vfork() implementation with fork()"

We're getting cold feet on this one... let's put it back.

This reverts commit 210331d9762037afb9b5ed8413079c6f65872df9.

Change-Id: I6b0d3c2b1dbf7f1dc9566979a91b7504c2189269
(cherry picked from commit 6a918870bab1a55a5f57dd7954abd9a8a27c1bc2)
cd54195262ac5531fff892255849925ebbbd303e 11-Jul-2014 Duane Sand <duane.sand@imgtec.com> [MIPSR6] Use C-coded string ops on mips32r6/mips64r6

The existing assembler code uses deprecated lwl/lwr/swl/swr ops.
Replacing those with misalignment-forgiving lw/sw ops may
involve careful performance tuning.

(cherry picked from commit bc5a3ec6df66d2456667ddf1d6dfaf623552169d)

Change-Id: I35167da27f2d406339b7f24b4a1fb270c87bc12e
5ade7e3f6bb43d419402aab2c7adca2173e2c584 24-Jul-2014 Duane Sand <duane.sand@imgtec.com> [MIPS] Drop soft-fp targets

(cherry picked from commit ba23bd0a409bb0e43c57dabee96b2ae52481d5b7)

Change-Id: Ica09192c2760d38ceebc14e23a5d3ba94c20764c
5d7775c6dfa8f9b2ae313c9493525d54a2d04b38 16-Jul-2014 Duane Sand <duane.sand@imgtec.com> [MIPS] Allow united mipsel and mips64el gcc toolchain

Explicitly tell 32-bit links that they are doing 32-bit links.
This is needed when using united 32-bit and 64-bit toolchains.
This is harmless when using older separate 32-only toolchains.

(cherry picked from commit f541650828f75b3dab22c9c0caab845be78b80fc)

Change-Id: I8df0ee7d36c6409458e18bea4e0e8b132edf77dc
c82c0b7e072491da4818e7de37411fbb2055fce1 17-Jun-2014 Dan Albert <danalbert@google.com> Remove SHA1 from LP64 in favor of libcrypto.

Keep the symbols around on LP32 for binary compatibility.

Bug: 11156955
Change-Id: I379a7e0fa3092e9a70daeafcbcb2aacfc314031a
891dedb935b50f1abb39eedfe33049a1e49283cb 13-Jun-2014 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> libc: Fix 'index' symbol export.

The C library didn't export the 'index' symbol, but its C++ name-mangling
instead, which broke the ABI and prevented some applications from loading

The main reason was that the implementation under bionic/index.cpp relied
on the declaration to specify that the function has C linkage.

However, the declaration for index() was removed from both <string.h>
and <strings.h> in a recent patch, which made the compiler think it was
ok to compile the function with C++ linkage instead!

This patch does the following:

- Move index() definition to bionic/ndk_cruft.cpp and ensure it uses
C linkage.

Note that this removes index() from the 64-bit library entirely, this
is intentional and will break source compatibility. Simply replacing
an index() call with the equivalent strchr() should be enough to fix
this in third-party code.

- Remove bionic/index.cpp from the tree and build files.

- Remove x86 assembly implementation from arch-x86/ to avoid conflict
with the one in ndk_cruft.cpp


Change-Id: I816b589f69c8f8a6511f6be6195d20cf1c4e8123
24614b4729a4c8665193f5793b93019b37f779b1 13-Jun-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Remove __memcmp16 from bionic.

Change-Id: I2486d667d96c8900dd368d855f37c1327161efb7
8e613cf342b369f7985135dbe11ebdbf8c736157 11-Jun-2014 Dan Albert <danalbert@google.com> Remove declaration for putw(3)/getw(3).

These were both removed from POSIX 2004, and we don't define an
implementation for getw(3). Keep the definition of put(3) on LP32 for
binary compatibility.

Bug: 13935372
Change-Id: Iba384b45093ac6d2d7c2d81f7980cd7701dd6f56
210331d9762037afb9b5ed8413079c6f65872df9 06-Jun-2014 Dan Albert <danalbert@google.com> Replaces vfork() implementation with fork()

vfork() was removed from POSIX 2008, so this replaces its implementation
with a call to fork().

Bug: 13935372
Change-Id: I6d99ac9e52a2efc5ee9bda1cab908774b830cedc
b30aff405a220495941f1673b0a5e66c4fa8b84c 28-May-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Revert "Revert "Lose the hand-written futex assembler.""

The problem with the original patch was that using syscall(3) means that
errno can be set, but pthread_create(3) was abusing the TLS errno slot as
a pthread_mutex_t for the thread startup handshake.

There was also a mistake in the check for syscall failures --- it should
have checked against -1 instead of 0 (not just because that's the default
idiom, but also here because futex(2) can legitimately return values > 0).

This patch stops abusing the TLS errno slot and adds a pthread_mutex_t to
pthread_internal_t instead. (Note that for LP64 sizeof(pthread_mutex_t) >
sizeof(uintptr_t), so we could potentially clobber other TLS slots too.)

I've also rewritten the LP32 compatibility stubs to directly reuse the
code from the .h file.

This reverts commit 75c55ff84ebfa686c7ae2cc8ee431c6a33bd46b4.

Bug: 15195455
Change-Id: I6ffb13e5cf6a35d8f59f692d94192aae9ab4593d
75c55ff84ebfa686c7ae2cc8ee431c6a33bd46b4 28-May-2014 Narayan Kamath <narayan@google.com> Revert "Lose the hand-written futex assembler."

This reverts commit ced906c849704f379d7191822f6d74993d4fa296.

Causes issues on art / dalvik due to a broken return value
check and other undiagnosed issues.

bug: 15195455

Change-Id: I5d6bbb389ecefb0e33a5237421a9d56d32a9317c
6f2bde344123d8503cd60f3ecd3420f39aa24eb9 23-May-2014 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <Bernhard.Rosenkranzer@linaro.org> Add optimized AArch64 versions of bcopy and wmemmove based on memmove

Add optimized versions of bcopy and wmemmove for AArch64 based on the
memmove implementation

Change-Id: I82fbe8a7221ce224c567ffcfed7a94a53640fca8
Signed-off-by: Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <Bernhard.Rosenkranzer@linaro.org>
fd0ce866ce46ed62aa17dc2959a085cb3bf5755d 24-May-2014 Christopher Ferris <cferris@google.com> Revert "Add optimized AArch64 versions of bcopy and wmemmove based on memmove"

This reverts commit 8167dd7cb98e87ffe9b40e4993c330b244ca2234.

For some reason I thought the bcopy change was bzero. The bcopy code doesn't pass our tests, so reverting until I can figure out what's wrong.

Change-Id: Id89fe959ea5105cd58dff6bba8d91a30cc4bcb07
8167dd7cb98e87ffe9b40e4993c330b244ca2234 23-May-2014 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <Bernhard.Rosenkranzer@linaro.org> Add optimized AArch64 versions of bcopy and wmemmove based on memmove

Add optimized versions of bcopy and wmemmove for AArch64 based on the
memmove implementation

Change-Id: Ie43d0ff4f8ec4edba5b4fb5ccacd941f81ac6557
Signed-off-by: Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <Bernhard.Rosenkranzer@linaro.org>
ced906c849704f379d7191822f6d74993d4fa296 23-May-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Lose the hand-written futex assembler.

Also stop exporting 'futex'.

Bug: 12250341
Change-Id: Icc4fa4296cd04dfe0d1061822c69e2eb40c3433a
dcbef06ce6bb21d62d5a32148a3e64746b47b449 13-May-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Remove the useless indirection in mips' __set_tls.

Change-Id: I12e9d6716c42ccbccc9a186441aca0736bb22d05
5a92284167ffba6d45210ef6889fa7d255c15d4f 24-Apr-2014 Varvara Rainchik <varvara.rainchik@intel.com> Add 32-bit Silvermont-optimized string/memory functions.

Add following functions:
bcopy, memcpy, memmove, memset, bzero, memcmp, wmemcmp, strlen,
strcpy, strncpy, stpcpy, stpncpy.
Create new directories inside arch-x86 to specify architecture: atom,
silvermont and generic (non atom or silvermont architectures are treated like generic).
Due to introducing optimized versions of stpcpy and stpncpy,
c-implementations of these functions are moved from
common for architectures makefile to arm and mips specific makefiles.

Change-Id: I990f8061c3e9bca1f154119303da9e781c5d086e
Signed-off-by: Varvara Rainchik <varvara.rainchik@intel.com>
8d77bce185d04c531bd9bf34d38e5cbbe644d3a3 22-Apr-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> LP64 shouldn't include the non-standard <time64.h> cruft.

This patch includes just enough to keep external/chromium_org building
until they switch 64-bit Android over to using the regular non-Android code.

Change-Id: Iecaf274efa46ae18a42d5e3439c5aa4f909177c1
53e43292aac91bf62995788cd5ca2ceb7caea283 25-Feb-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> More OpenBSD cleanup (primarily string).

This patch removes the string/ and wchar/ directories.

Change-Id: Ia489904bc67047e4bc79acb1f3eec21aa3fe5f0d
b8dc9bbd905f762bae9845274b1053da1c084860 20-Feb-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Stop asking GCC to cause trouble.

Why do we see so many bogus strict-aliasing warnings? Because we asked GCC to
cause trouble on arm and mips.

Change-Id: I25d7fd036b6afff7ccfa799abe0dc1579ead2847
6e39ba73bfd9504762e8798fd6b293f11d5fdf7e 20-Feb-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Stop advertising an arm32-specific hack like it's a build system feature.

Change-Id: I3a830b4a3516b6eb8e4f8e6e6b122a22a2e341df
f25d677147ae55a1f3b6ef7fa3ee27921792813f 24-Jan-2014 Ying Wang <wangying@google.com> Reconfig libc's Android.mk to build for multilib

1. Moved arch-specific setup to their own files:
- <arch>/<arch>.mk, arch-specific configs. Variables in those config
end with the arch name.
- removed the extra complexity introduced by function libc-add-cpu-variant-src,
which seems to be not very useful these days.
2. Separated out the crt object files generation rules and set up the
rules for both TARGET_ARCH and TARGET_2ND_ARCH.
3. Build all the libraries for both TARGET_ARCH and TARGET_2ND_ARCH,
with the arch-specific LOCAL_ variables.

Bug: 11654773
Change-Id: I9c2d85db0affa49199d182236d2210060a321421
0266ae5f884d72da58f33a072e865ba131234a5e 11-Feb-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Switch <elf.h> over to linux uapi under the covers.

Remove the linker's reliance on BSD cruft and use the glibc-style
ElfW macro. (Other code too, but the linker contains the majority
of the code that needs to work for Elf32 and Elf64.)

All platforms need dl_iterate_phdr_static, so it doesn't make sense
to have that part of the per-architecture configuration.

Bug: 12476126
Change-Id: I1d7f918f1303a392794a6cd8b3512ff56bd6e487
645d0312c2d6b6492cc4b3891bc1a91908dc24b7 06-Feb-2014 Chris Dearman <chris.dearman@imgtec.com> [MIPS64] libc/libm support

libc/libm support for MIPS64 targets

Change-Id: I8271941d418612a286be55495f0e95822f90004f
Signed-off-by: Chris Dearman <chris.dearman@imgtec.com>
Signed-off-by: Raghu Gandham <raghu.gandham@imgtec.com>
36d6188f8cd8b948fb797f11d9620d63d0c2215a 19-Nov-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Clean up forking and cloning.

The kernel now maintains the pthread_internal_t::tid field for us,
and __clone was only used in one place so let's inline it so we don't
have to leave such a dangerous function lying around. Also rename
files to match their content and remove some useless #includes.

Change-Id: I24299fb4a940e394de75f864ee36fdabbd9438f9
effaa7824da1af4db5cef50c78079d4c4e1717a7 13-Nov-2013 Chris Dearman <chris.dearman@imgtec.com> [MIPS] Reimplement syscall to invoke the system call directly

Some MIPS kernels do not correctly restart interrupted system calls that
have been invoked using the indirect syscall (NR_syscall).

The simplest workaround is to handle the indirection in userland and then
call the required system call directly.

Change-Id: I8385399621529db9a52b463c96925f6decaaca30
bf425680e484486803bf21e4c4cd1e3f36614a3c 25-Oct-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Let the compiler worry about implementing ffs(3).

It does at least as good a job as our old hand-written assembly anyway.

Change-Id: If7c4a1ac508bace0b71ee7b67808caa6eabf11d2
b8cf18b4dd3a46f004ac255257e7a87b6e6d8457 23-Oct-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> MIPS' pipe(2) is weird, but MIPS' pipe2(2) is the same as everyone else's.

arch/mips/kernel/syscall.c has a special sysm_pipe wrapper, but there's
no special treatment of pipe2 because it carries no historical baggage.

Change-Id: I892c0f690b21992c8a48276a9b732126f18fc0ee
14b467e840f8735e050b1844731c7747a7130525 10-Oct-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Fix MIPS build.

Warnings are errors for all home-grown bionic code, and the arch-specific
code now counts as home-grown bionic code (it was mistakenly counted as
"not ours" before).

Change-Id: I9c6a881b0dc596bae7dfe112c5c189e073800a3a
2a0b873065edb304fa2d1c54f8de663ea638b8ab 09-Oct-2013 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Fix __errno for LP64 and clean up __get_tls.

If __get_tls has the right type, a lot of confusing casting can disappear.

It was probably a mistake that __get_tls was exposed as a function for mips
and x86 (but not arm), so let's (a) ensure that the __get_tls function
always matches the macro, (b) that we have the function for arm too, and
(c) that we don't have the function for any 64-bit architecture.

Change-Id: Ie9cb989b66e2006524ad7733eb6e1a65055463be
04954a43b362b8c817cc5859513efad0c344f412 26-Feb-2013 Christopher Ferris <cferris@google.com> Break bionic implementations into arch versions.

Move arch specific code for arm, mips, x86 into separate
In addition, add different arm cpu versions of memcpy/memset.

Bug: 8005082

Merge from internal master (acdde8c1cf8e8beed98c052757d96695b820b50c).

Change-Id: I04f3d0715104fab618e1abf7cf8f7eec9bec79df
7c83a1ed81a15f3e75836c1ac7d500a952f02e10 26-Feb-2013 Christopher Ferris <cferris@google.com> Break bionic implementations into arch versions. DO NOT MERGE

Move arch specific code for arm, mips, x86 into separate
In addition, add different arm cpu versions of memcpy/memset.

Bug: 8005082

(cherry picked from commit acdde8c1cf8e8beed98c052757d96695b820b50c)

Change-Id: I0108d432af9f6283ae99adfc92a3399e5ab3e31d
acdde8c1cf8e8beed98c052757d96695b820b50c 26-Feb-2013 Christopher Ferris <cferris@google.com> Break bionic implementations into arch versions.

Move arch specific code for arm, mips, x86 into separate
In addition, add different arm cpu versions of memcpy/memset.

Bug: 8005082
Change-Id: I04f3d0715104fab618e1abf7cf8f7eec9bec79df