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098d1f63c64cdc0975ce8cd650e82e4043fc2600 20-Mar-2012 Doug Zongker <dougz@android.com> remove unused code from minadbd

Change-Id: I2f192c67ef425a53a1dba65d3e0544c1d5a567bd
9270a20a801403c9f60d6a701b39eae70d380403 10-Jan-2012 Doug Zongker <dougz@android.com> support "sideload over ADB" mode

Rather than depending on the existence of some place to store a file
that is accessible to users on an an unbootable device (eg, a physical
sdcard, external USB drive, etc.), add support for sideloading
packages sent to the device with adb.

This change adds a "minimal adbd" which supports nothing but receiving
a package over adb (with the "adb sideload" command) and storing it to
a fixed filename in the /tmp ramdisk, from where it can be verified
and sideloaded in the usual way. This should be leave available even
on locked user-build devices.

The user can select "apply package from ADB" from the recovery menu,
which starts minimal-adb mode (shutting down any real adbd that may be
running). Once minimal-adb has received a package it exits
(restarting real adbd if appropriate) and then verification and
installation of the received package proceeds.

Change-Id: I6fe13161ca064a98d06fa32104e1f432826582f5