16a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes/*	$OpenBSD: inet_makeaddr.c,v 1.6 2005/08/06 20:30:03 espie Exp $ */
21dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1The Android Open Source Project/*
31dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1The Android Open Source Project * Copyright (c) 1983, 1993
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101dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1The Android Open Source Project *    notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
111dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1The Android Open Source Project * 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
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291dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1The Android Open Source Project */
301dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1The Android Open Source Project
316a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes#include <sys/param.h>
321dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1The Android Open Source Project#include <netinet/in.h>
331dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1The Android Open Source Project#include <arpa/inet.h>
34e8bcca3a2ca4a70156c72239d62bb68eeb2929fdElliott Hughes
35e8bcca3a2ca4a70156c72239d62bb68eeb2929fdElliott Hughes/*
366a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes * Formulate an Internet address from network + host.  Used in
376a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes * building addresses stored in the ifnet structure.
38e8bcca3a2ca4a70156c72239d62bb68eeb2929fdElliott Hughes */
396a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughesstruct in_addr
406a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughesinet_makeaddr(in_addr_t net, in_addr_t host)
416a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes{
426a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes	in_addr_t addr;
431dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1The Android Open Source Project
446a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes	if (net < 128)
456a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes		addr = (net << IN_CLASSA_NSHIFT) | (host & IN_CLASSA_HOST);
466a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes	else if (net < 65536)
476a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes		addr = (net << IN_CLASSB_NSHIFT) | (host & IN_CLASSB_HOST);
486a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes	else if (net < 16777216L)
496a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes		addr = (net << IN_CLASSC_NSHIFT) | (host & IN_CLASSC_HOST);
506a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes	else
516a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes		addr = net | host;
526a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes	addr = htonl(addr);
536a41b0fb0e589c4afc4ecbcf7c425f0aa40eaea4Elliott Hughes	return (*(struct in_addr *)&addr);
541dc9e472e19acfe6dc7f41e429236e7eef7ceda1The Android Open Source Project}