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07f0265830fcae2632159e9993b93a161d7ea23b 20-Feb-2014 Lorenzo Colitti <lorenzo@google.com> Modify the pseudo-header checksum functions.

- Remove the initial checksum, which we don't use anywhere.
- Add the upper-layer protocol to the IPv6 function. Currently
this is always the same as the next header field in the IPv6
header, but technically it's the upper-layer header after all
the extension headers. This is required to support fragments.

Bug: 11542311
Change-Id: Ie1a20fa74ee5bc933c1014bab74ae2957979b2b8
5a50c0283346a197cda7af19e68f611f14b8fe57 10-Feb-2014 Lorenzo Colitti <lorenzo@google.com> Fix up checksums instead of recalculating them.

Currently the checksums of translated packets are calculated
from scratch by checksumming the translated packet. This is slow
and does not work in the case of fragments, because the whole
packet is not available. Instead, calculate the checksum by
adjusting the checksum of the original packet.

Bug: 11542311
Bug: 12116252
Change-Id: I6b78a94ca5bd96b13ee2653b6200551193b3dcc1
0278627f576832860af2d84e04e383ecaa92d74f 08-Apr-2013 Lorenzo Colitti <lorenzo@google.com> Pass in the length to pseudo checksum functions

Currently, the pseudo-header checksum calculation functions get
the transport layer length from the IP header. This requires that
the length be known at IP header construction time, which
does not allow transport layer translation functions to change
the length of the packet later. Have the transport functions
pass in the size directly.

Bug: 8276725
Change-Id: I76a93f5e66181bec21d68f779c68c54090a77c33
a45056e35c1af2a0f0a6eed258fd5fdf4846a79f 23-Mar-2012 Daniel Drown <dan-android@drown.org> android clat service

This software provides the nat 4->6 translation needed for the "clat" part of
the 464xlat standard. It is needed for better IPv4 application support while
on an IPv6-only mobile network connection using 464xlat's nat64 (such as
T-Mobile's IPv6 trial).

A general diagram of how 464xlat works:

Depends-on: I2392f8127dcd90d16b0f20ff31bcc5aa096db464
Change-Id: If2bc6916fc66fd4bca7cc241c83cfae839b82e15
Signed-off-by: Daniel Drown <dan-android@drown.org>