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56ec161d47856212008f47676577882f30853312 10-Mar-2014 Lorenzo Colitti <lorenzo@google.com> Mark unused parameters and set -Wunused-parameter

This allows us to compile with -Wall -Werror in build
environments where -Wall also warns about unused parameters.
Also explicitly set -Wunused-parameter so unused parameters will
cause the build to fail in environments where -Wall does not warn
about them.

Change-Id: Icccf2121d2a9df77b1c224c4976cb9aec56496b3
a45056e35c1af2a0f0a6eed258fd5fdf4846a79f 23-Mar-2012 Daniel Drown <dan-android@drown.org> android clat service

This software provides the nat 4->6 translation needed for the "clat" part of
the 464xlat standard. It is needed for better IPv4 application support while
on an IPv6-only mobile network connection using 464xlat's nat64 (such as
T-Mobile's IPv6 trial).

A general diagram of how 464xlat works:

Depends-on: I2392f8127dcd90d16b0f20ff31bcc5aa096db464
Change-Id: If2bc6916fc66fd4bca7cc241c83cfae839b82e15
Signed-off-by: Daniel Drown <dan-android@drown.org>