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f0952b522e3326b79b146e7c3c59fa3b29d59de6 25-Jun-2014 Sharvil Nanavati <sharvil@google.com> Add a flexible array to the end of BT_HDR to avoid pointer arithmetic.

This change should clean up a lot of code. I've verified sizeof(BT_HDR)
remains constant after this change on ARM, x86, and x86_64.

Change-Id: I762351fa0f24a587da190de3e522bc74e497c542
0aee331900424ed23857ee2390fbb03338a60d91 12-Jun-2014 Chris Manton <cmanton@google.com> BLE privacy timer

Adds another timer with one-shot characteristic that
allows for variable firing of alarms. Change the BLE
privacy code to use this timer rather than the
BTU continuous timer.

Change-Id: I6baa4e6a76813285c15f24aeb3c7ef942ed01858
8fe58875ce67c6e1099e7ba2339dcd2b979491b0 17-Apr-2014 Ganesh Ganapathi Batta <ganeshg@broadcom.com> Merge BT 4.1 features

The features include:
- LE Peripheral Mode
- Link Layer topology (LE Central & Peripheral Concurrency)
- Dual Mode Topology (Ability to choose LE transport when connecting with
other Dual Mode devices)
- Fast advertising Interval
- Limited Discovery Time Changes
- GAP Authentication and Lost Bond
- Dual Mode Addressing
- Common Profile and Service Error Code
- 32 bit UUIDs

Change-Id: Ic6701da4cf6aaa390ff2c8816b43157f36b7fb42
48ebe2c6928d8fd4dc97c8adb138c3440714dc89 24-Apr-2013 YK Jeffrey Chao <jechao@broadcom.com> Preload timeout and retry mechanism (1/3)

If the Preload process was stuck due to unknown hardware init failure,
a 8-second ENABLE_TIMEOUT timeout would be eventually expired in Java layer
at AdapterState and attempted to set BT state back to STATE_OFF.
However BluetoothManagerService did not handle this case accordingly and led
to state mis-matching between Java layer and BTIF at the end.

Add a timeout and retry mechanism to manage Preload process.
Clean up native space resource and explicitly report STATE_OFF back to Java
space when Preload did not go through.

bug 7566317

Change-Id: I99a225e524f2b951249618990a2d0a8a39b43ff3
ead3cde4bac0c3e32cd31f149093f004eef8ceeb 06-Feb-2013 Ganesh Ganapathi Batta <ganeshg@broadcom.com> Initial version of BLE support for Bluedroid

Change-Id: I9825a5cef9be2559c34c2a529b211b7d471147cf
5738f83aeb59361a0a2eda2460113f6dc9194271 13-Dec-2012 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Snapshot cdeccf6fdd8c2d494ea2867cb37a025bf8879baf

Change-Id: Ia2de32ccb97a9641462c72363b0a8c4288f4f36d