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651f13cea278ec967336033dd032faef0e9fc2ec 24-Apr-2014 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Updated to Clang 3.5a.

Change-Id: I8127eb568f674c2e72635b639a3295381fe8af82
bf7f77ac1cd1f31fc6bf2072327eeee7baed5c6a 25-Sep-2012 Jordan Rose <jordan_rose@apple.com> [analyzer] Add tests for symbolic expression liveness.

There are very few tests here because SValBuilder is fairly aggressive
about not building SymExprs that we can't evaluate, which saves memory
and CPU but also makes it very much tied to the current constraint
manager. We should probably scale back here and let things decay to
UnknownVal later on.

bitwise-ops.c tests that for the SymExprs we do create, we persist our
assumptions about them. traversal-path-unification.c tests that we do
clean out constraints on arbitrary SymExprs once they have actually died.

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