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89659d2685195bf9e34ff7a2e321e6ce471c8462 31-Oct-2014 Pyry Haulos <phaulos@google.com> Add support for simpler test case list syntax

This change adds support for mustpass-style (full test case path per
line) test case format. All existing test case list command line options
(--deqp-caselist, --deqp-stdin-caselist, --deqp-caselist-file) now
accept both trie- and list-style inputs.

Format is detected by looking at the first character; trie always starts
with '{', list-style format is assumed otherwise.

de::CommandLine default value behavior has been changed. Options that
take values (i.e. not --flags) don't have value set, unless default
value is provided when registering options. Calling getOption() on
command line option whose value is not provided is now an error.
hasOption() should be used first to check if a value was provided at

Test case list parsing is now covered by tests in the internal module.

Bug: 18329517
Bug: 17958588
Change-Id: If6063165ff59cbd8e538d6f829c583541e104fd1
(cherry picked from commit ee2e173d445e87e1f98245f4377f66b081cc320d)
3c827367444ee418f129b2c238299f49d3264554 02-Sep-2014 Jarkko Poyry <jpoyry@google.com> Import dEQP.

Import drawElements Quality Program from an internal repository.

Bug: 17388917
Change-Id: Ic109fe4a57e31b2a816113d90fbdf51a43e7abeb