History log of /external/e2fsprogs/include/nonunix/grp.h
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efc6f628e15de95bcd13e4f0ee223cb42115d520 28-Aug-2008 Theodore Ts'o <tytso@mit.edu> Remove trailing whitespace for the entire source tree

Signed-off-by: "Theodore Ts'o" <tytso@mit.edu>
aa4115a47c554a936fdf5e6679e72a9329fecf45 21-Oct-1999 Theodore Ts'o <tytso@mit.edu> Many files:
pass4.c (e2fsck_pass4): If an inode is set in the inode_imagic_map
bitmap, don't check to see if it is disconnected from the inode tree
(because it almost certainly will be). Free inode_imagic_map at the
end of pass 4.
pass2.c (check_dir_block, check_filetype): If the FILETYPE feature is
set, check the directory entry's filetype information field, and
fix/set it if necessary. (e2fsck_pass2): Free the inode_reg_map
bitmap at the end of pass 2.
pass1.c (e2fsck_pass1, alloc_imagic_map): Allocate and fill in
information for inode_reg_map and inode_imagic_map, which indicates
which inodes are regular files and AFS inodes, respectively.
Since only the master superblock is written during a restart, force
that superblock to be used after a restart; otherwise changes to the
block group descriptors end up getting ignored.
problem.c, problemP.h: If e2fsck is run -n, make def_yn variable be 0
for "no". Add support for a new flag, PR_NO_NOMSG, which supresses
the problem message if e2fsck is run with the -n option.
problem.c, problem.h (PR_2_SET_FILETYPE, PR_2_BAD_FILETYPE): Add new
problem codes.
message.c (expand_dirent_expression): Add support for %dt which prints
the dirent type information.
e2fsck.c (e2fsck_reset_context): Free new bitmaps (inode_reg_map and
e2fsck.h (e2fsck_t): Add new inode_reg_map and inode_magic_map to the
context structure.
ChangeLog, nt_io.c:
nt_io.c: New file which supports I/O under Windows NT.
ChangeLog, gen_uuid_nt.c:
gen_uuid_nt.c: New file which creates a UUID under Windows NT.
Many files:
Add support for non-Unix compiles