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727dee178a392d20eb050d0c446f2fcc29058fa1 10-Jun-2013 Victoria Lease <violets@google.com> Update freetype to 5e094c6fb2ddd6e8901a5679e2cbb8fa476a38ee

Integrated patches from freetype2 git repository, up to hashval
5e094c6fb2ddd6e8901a5679e2cbb8fa476a38ee, which is post-2.4.12.

Most recent commit message from freetype git:
[truetype] Improve handling of broken sbit advance widths.

Noteworthy patches included:
[cff] Add a new Type 2 interpreter and hinter.
Add support for color embedded bitmaps (eg. color emoji).

Change-Id: Ia8b6a67bc18f841b24f44edf80f81f663185b598
41371e1e39c8528eb0c4bc40683c736e6683e60c 23-Mar-2012 Eric Vannier <evannier@google.com> Update to freetype 2.4.9

This was done by applying the entire 2.4.9 except for the following exceptions:
- files that were new, or were not present originally in the version of
freetype we were using (meaning that they are present in 2.4.8, and in
2.4.9, but were never integrated into the Android tree because they are
not used in the Android tree).
- ftmodule.h: given that we support fewer modules than in upstream 2.4.9
(same as Android), the file was left unchanged (and there were no changes
from the official 2.4.8 to 2.4.9
- ftoption.h: same reasons as ftmodule.h

Change-Id: Id251f2cc5ca1c864f9a4cc0c67b94025ee3ccc4a
bff90fb5ec88ad7fdfb6d1d2f5a5719c20a2c5dc 08-Nov-2011 Olivier Bailly <olivier@google.com> DO NOT MERGE Update FreeType library to 2.4.7

Copied common files from upstream repository only.

changes to ftoption.h which were intentionally NOT taken:

/* contain no glyph data, but supply it via a callback function. */
/* This is required by clients supporting document formats which */
/* supply font data incrementally as the document is parsed, such */
/* as the Ghostscript interpreter for the PostScript language. */
/* */

/* */
/* The size in bytes of the render pool used by the scan-line converter */
@@ -553,11 +553,11 @@ FT_BEGIN_HEADER
/* TrueType glyphs without hinting. */
/* */
/* Do not #undef this macro here, since the build system might */
/* define it for certain configurations only. */
/* */

/* */
/* If you define TT_CONFIG_OPTION_UNPATENTED_HINTING, a special version */
@@ -603,11 +603,11 @@ FT_BEGIN_HEADER
/* */
/* error = FT_Open_Face( library, &open_args, index, &face ); */
/* ... */
/* } */
/* */

/* */
/* Define TT_CONFIG_OPTION_INTERPRETER_SWITCH to compile the TrueType */

Manual changes to ftmodule.h:

+ * New modules in 2.4.7:
+FT_USE_MODULE( FT_Driver_ClassRec, t1_driver_class )
+FT_USE_MODULE( FT_Driver_ClassRec, t1cid_driver_class )
+FT_USE_MODULE( FT_Driver_ClassRec, pfr_driver_class )
+FT_USE_MODULE( FT_Driver_ClassRec, t42_driver_class )
+FT_USE_MODULE( FT_Driver_ClassRec, winfnt_driver_class )
+FT_USE_MODULE( FT_Driver_ClassRec, pcf_driver_class )
+FT_USE_MODULE( FT_Module_Class, psaux_module_class )
+FT_USE_MODULE( FT_Driver_ClassRec, bdf_driver_class )
+ */

These lines were added for 2.4.7 but we decided to stick with our current use.

Change-Id: Ic1b52909580c78ead44cf4f882be06f2837539db
aeb407daf3711a10a27f3bc2223c5eb05158076e 17-Aug-2011 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> Update to FreeType 2.4.6+

This patch updates our copy of the FreeType sources to 2.4.6+.

More precisely, it contains source code corresponding to the
state of the upstream repository at the following hash
submitted on August 16 2001:


This corresponds to 2.4.6 with 7 more patches applied on top
of it to fix bugs in the TrueType interpreter and the CFF parser.

Change-Id: I9f3ac736d616020c8d10fd1d4e4be466f35fb6e7
aacb8e1368a883fcbc9fe64fd0e460cef9c9b20c 15-Sep-2010 Nick Kralevich <nnk@google.com> upgrade freetype to 2.4.2.

Bug: 2969145

Change-Id: I8debbbe0bd478d9cf8c39cff5179981b5f3b371a
295ffce55e0198e7a9f7d46b33f5c2b4147bf821 03-Mar-2010 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> Update to FreeType 2.3.12
049d6fea481044fcc000e7782e5bc7046fc70844 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
ed49a886544c69b375cd7bce63e9ace9bfbad0e5 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
a38fc482eeeb2c1929803c233835369dcf1b8781 21-Oct-2008 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Initial Contribution
f463818dd9146e11105c0572fb119e757eb47768 12-Jan-1970 Upstream <upstream-import@none> external/freetype 2.3.5