History log of /external/jemalloc/bin/pprof
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73b37a9697acd53496bbef06ed25696e0c897341 23-Apr-2014 Jason Evans <jasone@canonware.com> Simplify backtracing.

Simplify backtracing to not ignore any frames, and compensate for this
in pprof in order to increase flexibility with respect to function-based
refactoring even in the presence of non-deterministic inlining. Modify
pprof to blacklist all jemalloc allocation entry points including
non-standard ones like mallocx(), and ignore all allocator-internal
frames. Prior to this change, pprof excluded the specifically
blacklisted functions from backtraces, but it left allocator-internal
frames intact.
4bbf8181f384d6bd8a634b22543f83e5b949b609 18-Mar-2014 Harald Weppner <harald.weppner@tidalscale.com> Consistently use debug lib(s) if present

Fixes a situation where nm uses the debug lib but
addr2line does not, which completely messes up the symbol
bf543df20ccd9e2c422751908cabf073bc7f5d4b 18-Mar-2014 Harald Weppner <harald.weppner@tidalscale.com> Enable profiling / leak detection in FreeBSD

* Assumes procfs is mounted at /proc, cf.
25a000e89649d9ce5aacc1089408b8b3bafeb5e4 18-Apr-2012 Jason Evans <je@fb.com> Update pprof (from gperftools 2.0).
7427525c28d58c423a68930160e3b0fe577fe953 01-Apr-2011 Jason Evans <jasone@canonware.com> Move repo contents in jemalloc/ to top level.